Back Stories

Back stories

As I often preach, what separates "breeders" is largely the effort, or lack thereof, made in acquiring exceptional genetics. So I thought it might be worth while pulling back the curtain on the lengths I've gone to that end. Taking the reader to Argentina, Turkey, S. Africa, and around this country... in literary fashion.

The Back stories will be for those old school folks that might still appreciate a good read, as much as I still enjoy the challenge of a good write. I plan on telling some of those tales, sharing some of those journeys, as time permits. And so long as exposing those realities informs the reader, and entertains us both.

If I don't find the time to devote proper writes, and there is sufficient interest in hearing them, I may just tell some of these stories podcast style. So, if you're interested in either option, say so, drop me an E, tell me which story you'd like to have, and whether you rather hear it or read it. My to-do list in life stays full, your interest may well move a back story up the list.

If the title of the story below has not been underlined yet, there is as yet, no live link to it's telling. And it just exists as a teaser of sorts to gage interest.

In any case, Below is the place to list potential Dogs/Journey/tales. And a place to file those yet to come.

*Titles subject to change as the telling of the tales dictates.

  1. The kansahoma Triangle: This would take you behind the scenes of my pursuit into my first Boerboels. The tale of domestic sifting and characters there in that helped net my foundation bitch "Hope," And a peak at the Soap opera I coined " As the Boerboel turns" that ultimately inspired a journey to S. Africa itself.

  1. The Argentina Attraction Saga: This would ultimately involve two separate trips to Argentina, the dogs acquired and some insights into The Dogo Argentino breed, the country, and the Martinez family that created it. With whom I was fortunate enough to meet, hunt and become friends, on the family Estancia near Rio Cuarto. Where the original brothers began their mission, and where Ulises Martinez and his breeding partner Jorge Funes carry on still. And from whom I was able to get straight answers about the true ingredients of the breed, that even the domestic breed enthusiasts to this day, are deluded about.

  1. South Africa's "Mandela" on a wing and a prayer: From Cape town to Krugar. My visit happened to coincide with the world boerboel show being held in Cape Town circa........ So I was able to see many Boerboels in one place. But ultimately it was a larger than life Irishmen, James Brennan ( may he rest in peace ) on an avocado farm near Krugar National forest in the Northern wilds of S. Africa who's hospitality, charm, and grace made the journey a true success.

  1. Appalachia by the Sea: Since I'm clearly tooting my own horn about the effort and exotic locales gone to, let me also tell an honest tale about "Magic" the great dane who I got from a back yard breeder, outside the shipyard Navy town of Bremerton, in Kitsap county, WA.

  1. Oz Tamam & the Dog Father: This would be the inherently dramatic tale of my prodigal trip to Turkey, circa. It's probably better told over a beer in some unrecorded fashion, not sure how much I'd be wise to commit to in print, lest I find myself ass bit by it sitting in Turkish customs some future day. But the story wants telling, so that bridge will likely get crossed sooner than others.