Boerboel %


Boerboel Mix: "Blue"

Percentage: 75% Boerboel 25% Turkish Kangal

Classification: Olympic Road Dog

Status: Foundation bitch ( Current dam ) on Yard


Height/Weight: 24 " 130 lbs

Sire: Ghengis ( Kangal x Boerboel )

Dam: Homegirl ( Pure Boerboel )

Blue: was a Ghengis x Homegirl daughter, who was great around the farm, very good with the stock, and family. Protective, but not over the top. Almost surprisingly low in Dog aggression. She might have to mull things over before she'd make a move, was infamous for a three second delay, but generally made the move you asked her to.

Physically she was a tank, a wide body. She had an uncommonly soft coat. And light colored eyes, which were in fact blue when she was young.

She had two different Boerboel "lines" in her in Homegirl and Ghengis, so when we took her to Country who had a third in Mandela we had three different Boerboels in the mix composing that 62.5% Boerboel not to mention three other breeds @ 12.5% each, I believe that's one reason we got such good outcomes in the Country x Blue breedings.

Blue was old enough to have some photos, and some old videos, I've included one below, but her name in the search bar on our Olymicdogs youtube channel will find you more if you look.