Half Breeds

Half breeds aka f1 hybrids

aka 50/50 crosses

I've done quite a few of these, and will likely do more, so in the service of order the combinations most oft repeated like Kangal x Boerboel for example will get their own sub-section where in you'll find further thoughts on the mix and the dedicated pages of some individual dogs thereof.

The less frequent combinations, one offs, and pairings that didn't necessarily pass on DNA to the Current Sires and Dams, will just get addressed under this heading.

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The original "Olympic farm dog" aka Kangoel

This cross would fall squarely in our farm/ranch dog branch of the Olympic Dogs Holy Trinity

By whatever name, this would have to be considered our signature cross to date. It is surely been the most repeated. And one of our most "logical" in many ways.

I expect this type of cross to be a regular on the Olympicdogs Menu. A pure livestock guardian may be best for some applications involving vast expanses, bitter cold, huge flocks, long periods of isolation; and not subject to such concerns as, neighbors, imperfect fences, etc. But the need for a more versatile, less independent, more obedient, stock guardian is an obvious one on many a smaller Ranch or Farm.

Most traditional livestock guardian dogs are more independent than is useful for most modern holdings. Most no longer have vast herds wandering thousands of acres. Many would gladly trade some independence, and all that comes with it, for a more obedient, more versatile guardian dog. One is that is good with stock, but might also follow commands.

If it's less likely to bark at the wind, roam, look you in the eye and defy your wishes... all the better. I do think I'm on to something with this branch of the Holy Trinity. I know I appreciate them, and I suspect as more and more people have the experience of owning this type of mix, it will only grow in popularity, it's a bonafide niche that needs filling.

Click on any of the links/photos below to go to the dedicated pages of a few of the genetic winners, if their names are underlined, they have their own page, which may include text, photos, video, etc. Specific to them.

Great Dane x Dogo Argentino

Dane x Dogo: This is a very "logical" cross in my estimation. A natural road dog pairing, if you don't mind some prey drive, because you will get plenty. But a great family dog in any case. Loyal, sticky, devoted, this sort of dog will take all manner of abuse from the children. But may well defend them with its life if need be. The Dogo puts some balls and brains back in, the Dane waters the dog aggression down dramatically.

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Boerboel x Dane "Boerdana" below

This is a combination I would definitely do again, if/when I find another Dane and Boerboel that make the cut here. EXCELLENT family guardian Road dog cross.

Boerdana "grooming" a young Dangouno, very strong maternal instincts

Boerdana was the one of the few "runts" I ever kept, later for that story. I did want to document her, not because she's got lineage in the current sires or dams but just because I do think this a very logical road dog/ family dog cross and I would gladly repeat it, ever I find worth purebreds.

" Lefty"

Kangal x Dogo aka "The Olympic Schizophrenic " below

This is not what a would call a "logical cross", by any metric really.

I should admit the inspiration for combining these two diametrically opposed breeds was, in no small part a fuck you to the president of KDCA, if I'm honest, after a phone call with him.

But it was educational, the biggest and most pleasant surprise was that Lefty could trusted as a stock guardian. I didn’t bill any of these dogs as such. Nor would I ever. I do crosses better suited to that end.

But the fact remains with no particular training Lefty learned to leave my critters alone. That is a thing a Dogo really can’t be taught. If Lefty were one of Mendel’s Peas we might be tempted to say a Dogos prey drive is recessive to a Kangals lack thereof, of course it’s not that simple. But for practical purposes it might as well be.

But for practical purposes Lefty roamed more than a Dogo, less than a Kangal. His coat is in between. His independence level is in between. His biddability seems to oscillate between both extremes. And he’s extremely smart, like both parents, even if his thinking is not quite like either, he is definitely a thinking dog.

Lefty was very good with all things small; children, puppies, goats kids etc. He seems to have gotten the protective thing from the kangal along with a healthy dose of self awareness from the Kangal ( won’t lick a toddler over like a Dogo ) and the nurturing, licking tendency of the Dogo. I’ve witnessed Lefty dutifully clean the wound of a young male dog “Mandela” between growls, as if to say hold still while I clean this, or I’m gonna kick your a$$.

Lefty does exhibit prey drive, more so than his Kangal father, in fact he goes a little crazy if I don’t let him get after anything that he suspects is lurking. Bottom line, he’s working for me here on and around my land, and he’s great out in public, I couldn’t ask for a whole lot more.

Lefty was deadly serious about protecting people. And not just me and mine. I lent him to a lady friend that needed protection and he backed an hostile x who showed up to her work into a wall in short order, no barking, teeth barred, ready to bite… and yet she was able to call him off. This is the same dog she takes to work, he likes people, happily takes a pat on the head from other employees who visit, but he’s very protective, by nature.

Physically he was very tall athletic looking dog, 30 plus inches at the shoulder, but not too heavy, with a beautiful light footed floating movement that would be better filmed then typed at. When people saw him they often guessed dane cross he’s some sort of Dane cross, and perhaps the best thing about him is… they’re wrong. Lefty is on the scale of a Dane, just minus any of the associated pitfalls there of.

All that said, it's a definite fooks sake breeding. I don't anticipate ever doing it again, but is was an interesting cross.