Outside Hybrids

The section is meant to be the first stop for any hybrid ( mixed breed ) dog that we bring into the program. As opposed to create from our own purebreds. If you just want to see the dogs scroll past the text below, if you want my reasoning, for including the crosses of other breeders read the text below.

Like most "breeders" I started with purebreds. Crossing dogs wasn't the plan per se. And if money had been the primary motivation it would never have become the norm. But the "plan" has never been more complicated than creating the best dogs possible. And simply put, some fifteen plus years later, the crosses have largely won that competition.

So much so, I'm forced to now create a heading for other peoples crosses. Because I can longer justify excluding those from the program. As I type this in March of 2022 I don't have a single purebred dog remaining on the property. Despite having begun the journey with nothing but purebreds. Despite the fact that simply continuing to produce purebred; Boerboels, Dogos, kangals would have been far easier and much more lucrative.

And It's Not that I won't take on a great example of any number of purebreds if/when I find one, I certainly will. It's just that the crosses have simply out performed the purebreds by every metric except money, on my yard.

But if making great dogs, as opposed to money, is the true metric, I'm more certain than ever that heterosis is real, hybrid vigor is a thing, and a well bred cross is almost always a better bet than a purebred... at whatever price. ( If you want a more tightly reasoned, better supported, defense of that claim see ((Defending The Cross))

Until 2020 I was still stuck on the notion that I had to create my crosses from scratch. Up until then if I needed new blood, I went time and again, sifting threw the shit-show that is purebreds looking for something worth feeding. And that process is depressing in direct proportion with one's understanding of dogs.... so it naturally becomes more so with time....until the question to myself became unavoidable ?

" Self I said, if you're so sure a cross is a better bet, wouldn't you be better off starting with someone else's crosses, when you need new blood ? "

And at the end of the day, though there is almost always more uncertainty about what exactly might be in the mix when one goes down the mixed breed rabbit hole, and despite taking pride in being able to show folks exactly what was my behind my dogs for generations, back to purebred pedigrees. I Ultimately decided I'd be a fool not to consider "outside crosses."

So this section is meant to give those "outside" dogs a passport stamp. As we begin to see if their progeny get "inside" the program. It's a place to acknowledge outside programs, if the k9 hailed from an established one as such. Or in any circumstance, tell the new mixed breed dog's backstory. Acknowledge what we know, admit what we don't, for the historical record, and those inclined to care.

Midguard Mastiffs

39.5 % Dane

26.5 Neapolitan mastiff

15.5 % American Bulldog

7 % American Pit Bull Terrier

7 % bullmastiff

4.5 % Dogue de Bordeaux

Kennel: Mid-guard Mastiffs ( David Ishee )

Classification: Dane% "road dog" zero independent breeds.

Height/weight: 30" 145 lbs

Born: Dec 10th 2019

Bogan get's his own page, with video etc. Accessed by clicking on his underlined name above.

Status: Current Dam

Classification: Outside Cross. Farm/Ranch/Family Guardian.

Height/weight: 31" 145 lbs

Born: 2/20/21

Sire: Turkish Malakli

Dam: Central Asian Shepherd

Status: Current Dam

Classification: Outside Cross. Farm/Ranch/Family Guardian.

Height/weight: 33" 150 lbs

Born: 2/20/21

Sire: Turkish Malakli

Dam: Central Asian Shepherd