Boerboel "Mandela"

Purebred Boerboel: "Mandela"

Status: Foundation Stud ( retired )


Height/Weight: 28" 155lb.



Mandela was the best male Boerboel I've owned to date. He was everything a Boerboel is supposed to be. Biddable, sticky, naturally protective. Good with farm animals, great with my children and good with people in general so long as he understood them to be welcome. But he was also a natural born man stopper, a serous beast; which is hard to find, even in breeds such as the Boerboel that are supposed to be.

I had to be careful with him when I took him out in the world, especially in the company of my children, whom he clearly considered his charges. But we bred him heavily back at the farm, and his genes are well represented in the Current Sires & Current Dams sections both.

Physically he was taller and heavier than most. But deceptively quick for his size. There is a little video of Mandela on our youtube channel, but precious little, and I need to learn how to just share short sections of a video or I'm gonna test the viewers patience trying to show you Mandela. But If you're patient enough and so inclined his name will pull up videos he's in.