The FAQ section

Frequently Asked Questions


 1. " How do you determine picks, prices, deposits? "

  See picks, prices, deposits, for more info, please do read and re-read if necessary, if you’re planning to buy a dog from me. 

 2. “Do you offer written guarantees ?”

 Yes, on the crosses, I offer a five year  replacement guarantee for ANY GENETIC ISSUE what-so-ever !   Which is broader than any I've seen, and which we can do because it's so rarely needed.

On the purebreds... not so much.  Maybe hips. Maybe we address your concerns specifically.  But I don't offer blanket warranty's like on the crosses, nobody does, and there's reasons for that.

 3. “Do you ship ?”

 Historically the answer was yes, anywhere in the USA for a flat fee.  But dealing with air cargo, vets, associated Covid-Beauracrazy and inflation has made it more of a maybe.   It’s case by case basis at this point, but expect 600 to 700 for a young pup, depending on location, if I have to deal with air cargo ( which includes; crate, health cert, cargo costs )  About 500 of which is just expenses.  

 Ground shipping is often competitive, particularly on larger pups and adult dogs.  

 And it can actually be cheaper to fly out and take your pup back as a "pet" which costs less than "cargo."  As little as $100 extra for example on Alaska ( Seattle/Tacoma hub) for a "pet" regardless of size/weight, if there's a human on the plane.   I encourage people to consider those options.  

 Or click Sometimes we deliver for a short video that gives a look at our in-house overland delivery.  It's not a given, but when the stars, puppy buyers, and seasons align we can sometimes bring your puppy to your door for less then it costs to put us all threw the stress of airline cargo.

4. “ Do you worm and vaccinate ?”

 Yes, and I prefer to give shots in front of new owners when possible, so the vet doesn't have to take your word for mine.   First shot is done here ( a five way ) from six to eight weeks, if the dog has resided longer it will have had more at secnd at 3/4 week intervals.   And I worm all puppies with Pyrantal Pamoate at least twice before they leave.

 5. ”How big are your dogs ?”

Please visit the link below 

A word on weights and measures for my extended answer, and thoughts on the topic

 The short answer is Bigger than they look on video, or so I'm told by EVERYONE that visits, no matter how long they've been watching videos.  And about as big as dogs can get without sacrificing movement.  

  Obviously they vary.  Males are typically anywhere from 130 to 170 and I've had buyers claim legit 200 plus lb dogs.    Most of my males are over 30" at the shoulder.   Females are obviously smaller. 

 But  I don't put any stock in "breeder" claims on size, and you shouldn't either, cause with remarkably few exceptions they lie like shameless toddlers.   So we bought a scale, finally, and we can weigh dogs live on video etc.  If need be.   Personally, I would be skeptical of anything else. 

6.  Is your website up to date ?

 Probably not, or not for long.  But I do try to keep the current litters, adult dogs for sale, and announcements up to date.... 

7.  Do you have a testimonial page ?

Nope, but I should, it's been on the to-do list for years.  Maybe I’ll get to it after I catch up with my website, and social media :)  But I think I've taken so long I'll just try and get folks to submit video testimonials, so there can be no doubts as to who's speaking.  Video is the future. I do have a drop box that one can painlessly send video via now.

8.  Have you ever considered using breed  X ?

 Very likely, unless it's a breed I've never heard of... which is hard to find.

 And “considered” is too lite a word.  I’ve thought long and hard on which breeds to use.   That said there are some I’d like to, that I’ve thus far not, and likely will.    But that is a topic deserving of more time and text then is appropriate for the FAQ section.   When I get around to addressing my thoughts, plans, and possible moves  "Breeds I plan to use" will be underlined and become a live link to that topic

9.  " Is it a new breed " ?

 Depends on your definition of "breed."   But I would say not by any meaningful definition, is a mix truly a breed.  And I would also say most, if not all, claims of 

"New Breeds" should be a red flag.   I've seen numerous "breeders" marketing crosses as "new breeds".  I've yet to see one that really was.   

10.  "Where are you going" ?

  " What's the end game" ?  

 "WTF are you doing "  etc. 

 Well, the short answer is and has always been the same. 

 Just trying to make great dogs ! ! !

 The long answer probably won't be found in the FAQ.  But it can be found in

THE WORD OF DOG, under the heading