Boerboel %

"Zorba the Gronk"

Boerboel Mix: "Zorba The Gronk "

Percentage: 62.5% Boerboel 12.5% Dane 12.5% Dogo 12.5% Kangal

Classification: "Olympic Road Dog"

Status: Stud ( Current sire ) Off Yard, DNA available via mail


Height/Weight: 27" 160lbs

Sire: Country (50% Boerboel 25% Dogo 25% Dane )

Dam: Blue ( 75% Boerboel 25% Kangal )

Zorba The Gronk: might be the best dog I ever let go. But I kept his mineral rights. And his DNA is available via airmail.

He was something special. But he was of limited use around here as a breeder, because all my females were related to him to one degree or another, and I build on my females as a general rule.

And he was a serious enough dog that a fight was automatic between him and any other in-tact male if there was slip up. But, ultimately, I liked the dog so much I felt good about getting him a better life, with a nice family he took to, nd where he was less of a number, and who vet connections that I hoped would get them better luck than I'd had with a foot injury he had.

One of the most naturally protective dogs I've ever had. NOBODY but family could get near him if I wasn't there. If I let you in, he was happy to take a pat on the head. If I stepped into the house, he would take a step away from you and look at you in whole new light. He did this with a guy I had working for me, who'd he known for months, a dog guy even. He told me as soon as I went away the dog changed attitude towards him. You can't teach that sort of thing. With the family he was just a big goof, a sweetheart, but strangers beware

Physically he was a beast. I had people accuse me of putting him on steroids. That pretty much says it all, he just was just naturally yoked. I've put up a couple below but there is video on "Zorba the Gronk" going to his litter, if you care to look for it on our youtube channel.