Sometimes we deliver

When the stars, seasons, buyers align, and time permits; I will sometimes deliver pups/dogs to their new owners personally. And we can usually do so for less than it would cost to ship to the closest major airport.

But I do insist on enjoying the journey, in life. Which means we try not to go too far East of the rockies, where the public lands start to get scarce. It also means we only drive so many hours a day, and we play along the way.

So it can take awhile. But what it tends to insure, is that your new pup will have had a good first travel experience, and will look forward to future travel. Below are some photos and videos from some of those journeys

"Country" ( Seen above ): As our best Olympic Road Dog to date is the default escort of late. Protector to all, mentor and leader to whatever other pups/dogs I bring. Perfectly happy to accept affection from strangers in public situations where I greet them, he has an uncanny way of knowing when people should be allowed near the truck and when not.

Night time it's generally off limits. Day time he seems to read my reaction. I never "trained" any of it, except as experience taught him. But the key is I can control him verbally, anytime, anywhere, so if a situation starts out looking one way and turns out another... I just let him know. Obedience is paramount in a road dog, assuming of course courage and protective instincts are already present, which in his case they absolutely are.