Boerboel "Hope"

Purebred Boerboel: Hope

Status: Foundation Bitch ( retired )

Sire: Blackwell's Egoli Vegter

Dam: Heater's Doc

Hope was a proper foundation bitch. The product of and extensive, not always fruitful, search threw domestic Boerboel options I picked up at end of 2004 . She was in fact a replacement.

A dog that panned out, from a breeder that was upstanding enough to replace a dog that had not ( statistically speaking you'd be wise to have that option when you buy a pure Boerboel ) I got a second unrelated female at the time I picked Hope up in Oklahoma, who prolapsed at her first heat and was put down.

Boerboels, regardless of the super dog, super marketing, you read, do have issues. Hope was the one of my first three purchased that got bred at all. In the years that followed I came to realize .333 was actually about in good in Boerboels as baseball. Career wise I don't believe many discerning boerboel breeder/buyers bat over .300 and I know I didn't. And I know of many who claim failure rates much worse.

But Hope was what a Boerboel should be; biddable, sticky, great with my family, good with my livestock, and naturally protective, tough and brave. She was also basically before I had a smart phone or video camera so unfortunately there isn't much, if any, video of her.

Hope Descendants

I kept three pure boerboel daughters from hope, pictured below. All three were bred heavily, and I of course kept a variety of pups out of each. But I believe only "Tallwaters" genes are still represented in the program, so her name is clickable, she has her own page.




Hope Ancestors

"Heaters Doc"

Owned by Jerry Heater

Doc was Hope's dam


Owned by David Harris

Nightrain was Doc's sire and perhaps one the most heavily bred dogs in the states in his day, for good reason.

Hope's Backstory: Would probably be worth telling, and might get told at some point. It lacks the international intrigue, but definitely has it's own Okie variety. And was indeed a good case in point of the lengths and trouble I've gone to get good genetics. Even domestically that pursuit is full of peril and fools errands.

And I do believe, in Harris, Blackwell, Heater, Moran I found the guys I was most confidant understood and had good working Boerboel genetics at the time, having sifted basically all the domestic options. And they were interesting characters ta boot. I just hope I find the time to tell the story before I loose my memory entirely.

Realistically any such literary inclination is a race against senility/mortality at this point, I maybe should just turn on a tape recorder and tell the dam story while my memory can still make some semblance of truth from it. ?!

But for now, Hope's backstory " The Kansahoma triangle" shall remain link-less.