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The youtube channel was born inadvertently in 2012 when I posted a video of my kids playing with a litter of Kangal puppies to youtube, to save space on my computer. It was, if I'm honest, mostly about getting some video of my kids, a motivation that never ceased to muddy my marketing waters. But I figured if Google was foolish enough to store my video for free... why not take advantage, before they went broke.

Who knew what Google or youtube would become ? Back in the day it was just another crazy internet company loosing money hand over fist and offering free services. I don't even think I had a website at the time. Historically I seem to be about a decade behind with all things marketing, including realizing what has potential as such. Probably because marketing is not my passion.

Dogs are, and I hope that comes across on the youtube channel. Where I often digress into greater issues in dogdom, above and beyond the generally puppy-centric cuteness that has somehow become the default.

I do have some ideas about documenting future dog journeys via video, maybe even livestream, as I think some might find it interesting, what countries and ends I go to in pursuit of the best genes on the planet. And I should really do more demonstrable "working dog" videos and such, I'll be the first to admit. But my To-Do list generally runneth over in life, and I've only so much time for "marketing" of any stripe.

To date 2/26/22, ten years and 394 videos after the first upload, Olympicdogs Youtube has become mostly a chronological documentation of the program, or the breedings thereof anyway. As the vast majority of the videos are what I have come to call SAPV (Silly ass puppy videos). Which goes to show, that even a relative purist with alternative income streams such as myself, winds up doing what his customers want... to some degree.

But I do try to sneak in some education, content, and chuckles, where I can. I do pride myself on keeping it as honest, un-pretentious, and generally Bullshit free as I'm humanly capable.

I've yet to ask anyone to "like", "subscribe," or "comment below" I don't expect I ever will. In fact I've turned the comments off, which is suicide via algorithm. Because I'm not zen enough to ignore them, but I don't want the distraction of reading or moderating them either.

All these social media platforms are attention pimps it seems to me, their game is to keep us all staring at the screen, so they can sell our attention to add buyers. I get it. But I don't want to fall prey to it.

For me then the game becomes how to access the web, but spend as little time as possible staring at a computer, and as much as possible in the real world, where we're evolved to live.

Our video's are never scripted, rarely planned, and to date completely Un-edited. They're like live theatre in that respect, or not script... more like live improve.

The only editorial choice I've ever made is upload or don't. For better or worse. So the language won't be as eloquent as the writing, but the candor may exceed it.

At some point I should find the ass time to create playlists, sort and compile specific videos to illustrate particular points. But for the time being, you've no choice but to sift threw oceans of SAPV. Once you get to the actual channel however the search bar works well. Names of individual dogs, breeds, or crosses will get you around.

In any event I try to have a little fun with it, I hope you enjoy it in that same spirit. And I will say, subscribing is probably the easiest way to stay abreast of the program's goings on, without making any particular effort.

So to that end, I do suggest it for those who care know what where up to, without having to check in.