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At the urging of a younger, more tech savvy friend, I reserved the handle


A few years ago, but never found the ass time to do anything with it. All I can say, at this juncture, not having "followed" anyone, frequented IG, or understanding how it works really, is that I intend to put it together chronologically, so that there may be some sense of order.

But it might take awhile to catch up to the present, as I do have many years of photos, mostly unseen, to sift and choose from.

I see it as a place to put good photos for good photos sake. As opposed to trying to chronicle much else, or educate, which is best left to the website, or the youtube channel. Maybe I'll find some orderly way to mix in more recent videos, i don't really know, I'll have to find my way.

The only other thing I'm certain of is I'll be quoting Marshawn Lynch in my opening statement

"I'm just here so I don't get fined."

Which effectively seems to have become the case for those not playing the social media game.

But when I see blatant convenience breeders, mating obvious garbage dogs, and asking two, three, or even four times as much money then yours truly, simply because they have social media game ??!!

Well then.... it's time to join the parade.

But have no fear, I'll do it my way.

Keep it real at all costs.

For those inclined to support the program, please do share the IG handle, follow, spread the love, whatever it is people do with such things :))

We're late to the IG party and probably do need a certain critical mass of eyeballs to get it rolling !!

And I do have a ton of cool photos no one's seen, so if photos is your jam, and you don't dig all the jibber jabber our instagram might be the place to go.

If it's video, we got you covered on our:

Olympicdogs youtube channel.

And if it's writing, your home now, or in The Word of Dog