Boerboel x Kangal: "Shenanigans"

Percentage: 50% Boerboel 50% Turkish Kangal

classification: Olympic Farm/Ranch dog

Status: Foundation Stud ( Current sire ) on Yard


Height/Weight: 30" 140 lbs

Sire: Mandela ( Pure Boerboel )

Dam: Sweetthing ( pure Kangal)

Shenanigans: Is an all time great. One of the best kangal x Boerboel crosses ever. Exceptionally good with the goats, and also accepting and safe around the chickens, farm cats, etc. Great with us and welcoming of anyone who get's let onto the property. But naturally protective and territorial, you'll not be getting past him if you haven't been escorted in by one of us.

He's one of those dogs that make you wish the k9 lifespan was much longer.

There is LOTS of video of him on our youtube channel, I'll try and find a couple to put up, since I've as yet compiled playlists, the search bar is your friend.

But he is also needing a retirement home, sad as I am to see him go, I want to find him one while he's still a healthy enough to be functioning LGD or family guardian. He will definitely do both.