Boerboel %


Boerboel Mix: " Tritoe "

Percentage: 62.5% Boerboel 12.5% Dane 12.5% Dogo 12.5% Kangal

Classification: "Olympic Road Dog"

Status: Current Dam, on Yard, in litter


Height/Weight: 25" 120 lbs

Sire: Country (50% Boerboel 25% Dogo 25% Dane )

Dam: Blue ( 75% Boerboel 25% Kangal )

Tritoe is one of three females I kept from the Country x Blue litters. We got some great dogs out of those two, so I went deep on keeps. But, ultimately, given that I'm trying to pursue three different directions in the olympicdog Holy Trinity having three genetically identical dogs, is a luxury I can't afford the space. And at least of one the three: Sticky, Sistuhbigbone, and Tritoe will likely get sold as an adult in their prime.

Of the three I would say Tritoe has a bit more independence than the other two. Is less dog aggressive than sticky, about the same as Sistuhbigbone. Prey drive is higher than Bigbone, less than Sticky. Intelligence less Than Sticky, more than Bigbone. Maternal instincts, lacking compared to either sister, but she did manage once she got the hang of it.

Like the modern dogs, there are almost not photos, lots of video, easily accessed by search bar on youtube. I've included a couple below.