Boerboel x Kangal: "Mischief"

Percentage: 50% Boerboel 50% Turkish Kangal

classification: Olympic Farm/Ranch dog

Status: Foundation dam ( Current dam ) on Yard. But needing a retirement home.


Height/Weight: 27 " 125 lbs

Sire: Mandela ( Pure Boerboel )

Dam: Sweetthing ( pure Kangal)

Mischief is one of my favorite females ever. Probably the toughest one ever as well. Smart tough, tuned in, we were lucky to have her, she's a special dog. But I didn't get much out of her that lived up to her. I probably should not breed her again, for her age, but it would be tempting if the right male was at hand.

She's a hard one to let go, literally, figuratively, genetically. But we're not running a retirement home for dogs. That said, she's still here :)

She's great with goats, chickens, people.

She will kill a cat in a heartbeat.

You can see video links for Mischief in the Adult dogs for sale section, where she is listed with her brother Shenanigans

Mischiefs Sire and Dam below

Mandela (Boerboel)

Sweetthing (kangal)