Dogo Saga

Purebred Dogo Argentino: "Audacity Saga"

Status: Foundation bitch ( retired )



Saga was the female I purchased From Albert Garfunkel on my first 7 week trip to Argentina with the understanding she would be bred to his personal family guard dog Audacity Attraction. Hence I was able to effectively bring back a litter of ten, for the expense of one "pet" on the plane.

Saga was a smart dog, but wary of strangers, less trusting than most Dogos, but a love junkie with her people, and an exceptional mother. She was a good size bitch, taller of frame than many lines, which I prefer.

And that litter was sired by the single most impressive Dogo Argentino I have ever met, Audacity "Attraction". Suffice to say I had options in Argentina when it came to Dogos, that put the domestic options to shame. And I would return. Unfortunately Saga was Pre-video, so aside from genes in the current dogs, there's nothing left but a few old photos.

"Saga's Descendants


Saga produced only one litter of pure Dogos here, my female keeper Negrecha and her brother can be seen below.


Negro Culo