Future Breedings

Bogan x Sistuh Big Bone

2. Accepting "Farm/Ranch" dog deposits now

 The next breeding will be 

"Sheballs" ( Malakli x Alabai )  

  Likely to 

"Hooligan" ( kangal x Boerboel )

Which is the exact percentages we just did in Shenanigans x Biggun 

25% Kangal 25% Boerboel 25% Turkish Malakli 25% Alabai ( central asain shepherd )

See video below for a look at Sheballs, Biggun, and the previous breedings pups at 8 wks.

Our Farm/ranch dogs aim to be a more biddable, less independent, more obedient, less barky LGD that is ultimately more versatile for the infusion of some more people centric, yet still low prey drive, mastiff.  Please visit The Holy Trinity for a more complete explanation.