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Bogan x Sticky: Bred early Feb 2022, Pups due mid April, Going to new homes beginning Early June 2022

Road dogs ! Near Zero independence, biddable, athletic, devoted, protective, low dog aggression Eurodane scale mastiff hybrids. It's hard to go wrong with one of these, easy keepers, born to serve. We've done it before you can find video of my keepers "Stogan" and "Ms. Midi" on our youtube channel, as well as old video of the previous pairing's litter, just by dropping their names in the search bar on our Olympicdogs Youtube channel. Or check the video below to see both parents playing around before their first litter.

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"Malabai" ( Turkish Malakli x Alabai )


Olympic Farm dogs ( kangal x Boerboel )

I'm very excited about this combination, this may well be the future of the Olympic ranch/farm dog. There's a couple different kangal/boerboel males for me to choose from and two Malabais, I'm not sure which way I'll go yet, but if it's a pairing of interest reach out. Both these giant Malabais "Biggun" and "Sheballs" have had their first heat, I expect to breed both at the second, though I won't necessarily breed both to Kangal/Boerboel males, I'm sure to do one. There has been a lot of interest in these two... word to the wise is get a deposit in early.

Watch the video below to see a recent update on the Malabais