Kangal "Sevdi"

Purebred Turkish Kangal: "Turkman's Sevdi "

Status: Foundation Dam ( retired )



SEVDI, was my second Kangal, whom I was fortunate enough to get because a Canadian sheep farmer had signed an incredibly controlling contract with a Texas Kangal breeder, which aside from obliging him to jump threw all manner of hoops was entitled the breeder to pups from his first four litters. He was done wanting to deal with her before he had one.

She knew I had brought back much needed and much respected genetics from turkey, and wanted some. I was a lot closer to this Canadian farmer, geographically and philosophically. So I put together a deal in which she got all her pups from the first breeding, I owned Sevdi outright from that time on, and I gave this guy a papered pup with breeding rights to do as he saw fit with. Win, win, win. And we were in the purebred papered kangal business.

Sevdi was a classic Kangal independent threw and threw, naturally great with livestock, they could push her off her food, but she's stand up to Oz over food, get beat up, and do it again the next day, and the next. She was tough, and sweet, both to and amazing degree. An excellent mother. And possessed of some of the Penn hip scores in the nation ( scroll down for those) and her movement was beautiful. We bred her and Oz many times.

Sevdi in Canada

Sevdi arriving at my place below

Sevdi on my place

Sevdi meets Oz

Touchdown..... Kangal puppies !!


And again, we bred these two quite a few times. And to my point about what a breeding program is really about, despite keeping at least a pair from every litter, very few actually carried on in the program genetically. A breeder has the luxury, and I believe the responsibility to be very selective, in sifting thew his own puppies.