39.5 % Dane

26.5 Neapolitan mastiff

15.5 % American Bulldog

7 % American pitbull terrier

7 % Bullmastiff

4.5 Bordeaux

Kennel: Mid-guard Mastiffs ( David Ishee )

Classification: Dane% "road dog" zero independent breeds.

Born: Dec 10th 2019

Height/weight: 30" 145 lbs.


Bogan is not actually Australian, I was just fresh from there and couldn't wait on an Australian dog to lay the name on. But he is from Mississippi, a Midguard Mastiff, out of David Ishee's program which is who I chose to get my first outside mix from after about 15 years of starting all my crosses from purebreds. I had lots of time to consider that choice, and many options from which to choose.

But I'm proud to be associated with Ishee, and Midguard, and I'm proud to call David a friend. I think he's about as smart as they get, people, not just breeders. And I believe he's honest. Which is especially important in taking on a mixed breed dog, because you want some degree of certainty it is as advertised genetically.

There has been an active subculture of Banddog breeders mixing dogs..... forever. Before "Designer dogs," before it became a trend en vogue enough that the general public jumped on that train with their backyard convenience mixes. David was a guy crossing dogs for decades, based on a genuine effort to find superior genetics. He tells me his father and grandfather bred dogs also, and I believe him.

I had spoken with him on few occasions over the years, He called me once looking for a Dane with some balls and brains for example, but it wasn't until I watched a documentary called "Un-natural selection" that featured Ishee as character/symbol of sorts that I realized just what a self educated and intelligent fellow he was. The film isn't about him per se, even less so his dog breeding program, but it is a good intro to David. And if you're partial to documentaries it's a good watch, IMO, and a balanced look at

"crisper technology" which you should be familiar with if you're not already. As it stands to be in the same league of significance as maybe antibiotics or Nuclear fusion for better or worse, effectively putting advanced genetic engineering in the hands of.....anyone. As opposed to just governments and corporations who undoubtedly are all off and running. The implications are profound, and so vast as to be completely unpredictable.

Getting back to dogs. There were many factors that made Ishee the most logical choice for my program, but the fact we are two of a very few "banddog" guys who use Dane at all, was a big one. We both appreciate a tall athletic dog. We both want a dog that will protect but is good with family. We both find Dog aggression little more than a headache. Midguard was an obvious choice really for my program.

I told David I wanted a tall athletic dog, and made a deal to get pick of a litter. I wasn't worried about getting his hardest pairing. And I'm pretty sure I didn't. Bogan is softer than all my dogs. Which is likely due to that 39% Dane. How much I keep from him to build on is yet to be seen. But for those who might have wanted an Olympicdog but had concerns with dog aggression, or maybe getting more dog than you needed vis a vis any and all kinds of aggression, Bogan is a good choice for a sire.

Bogan is gentleman of a dog, a canine good citizen, as low in dog aggression as any male I've bred. He's good natured, demurs to the ladies, is kind to puppies, handler sensitive, and just an all around easy keeper. But he does have some protective instincts. And he does get excited about hunting when the opportunity presents.

Physically Bogan is super athletic for a 150 lb dog. He's got hops, and a hind quarters built for speed. He has not demonstrated any health issues what so ever, thus far.

Bogan came into the program relatively recently, which means lots of videos, no photos. In fact putting his name in my youtube channel's search bar gave me 60 videos. So there's plenty of Bogan, if you're inclined to watch video. I'm just going to include the most recent that he's in, and the first he was in, after arriving here, below for now. And maybe dust of my camera some later day.