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 Breeding and Combining 

Some of the best working Mastiff/Molloser genetics on the planet.  To create giant, healthy, athletic, courageous, intelligent, stable, family/farm/livestock guardian dogs

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All dogs featured are direct descendants of

Current Sires or Current Dams

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          Some of our           

            F1 Hybrids            

50% 50%


Olympic farm/ranch dogs

The farm/Ranch/Family guardian branch of the Olympicdogs Holy Trinity

"Ghengis Afrikracker"

Olympic Road dogs

The Road dog, the obedience first, branch of the Olympicdogs Holy Trinity

Dogo x Dane:  One of many f1 options we have done, and a good "road dog" mix


Dogo x Boerboel:  A logical cross for addressing genetic issues, and temperamental extremes in both.  one example of many that can be found in our Half breed section


Kangal x Dogo aka "The Olympic schizophrenic "

"Lefty"  (Kangal x Dogo)

Another dog found in our Half breed section

Boerboel x Dane  "Boerboerdana" 

Boerboel x Dane; A logical, repeatable cross found in our Half breed section

25% 25% 25%25% 

"Ziggy" what we called a "quatro" was equal parts Kangal, Boerboel, Dogo, Dane.  Seen here at just over a year and about 34" at the shoulder, he filled out to a legit 200lbs later in life.  

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"Country"  Our best Road dog to date 160 lbs.  Of devoted, obedient, loyal protection. 

Boerboel percentage 50% 

25% Dogo Argentino 

25% Dane

Innuendo aka Endo:  

Kangal percentage 50%

Dogo 25%

Dane 25%

See some videos below for our 

Both Shenanigans and Mischief in need of retirement homes, can be seen in video below

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