Dogo "Negrecha"

Purebred Dogo Argentino: "Negrecha

Status: Foundation bitch ( retired )

Sire: Audacity Attraction

Dam: Audacity Saga

Negrecha was my pick female from a purebred litter I arranged conceived in Argentina. Which I then brought back in the belly of "Saga" her mother on the plane pregnant. Again finding a way to choose my pups from a whole litter. She was the winner of that litter, putting myself in that position made that possible.

But that move was really inspired by meeting a dog by the name of Audacity Attraction, who was the personal family guardian of Dogo Breeder by the name of Albert Garfunkel of Audacity kennel, who I met in Argentina, who I consider a friend of sorts, and with whom it was always a pleasure to do business.

Negrecha was a classic Dogo. Tough as nails, sweet as pie, not dumb. Great with my kids, almost needy, a love junky like most Dogos. But not a dog you could ever trust around livestock, chickens, etc. Nor would you ever ask her to share a pen with another intact adult female.

GREAT mother. Super athletic. One couldn't ask much more in a Dogo. And for me the Dogo was going to bring everything the pit does for a lot of Banddog guys, but on a much taller, bigger, scale.

Unfortunately I believe Negrecha was pre-video, so all I have, aside from her genes in the mix, are some old photos.

Seen above as a pup enjoying keeper status early on.

"Negrecha" descendants were plentiful, and those genes can be traced to dogs in the current Sires and Dams. But she was never bred to another Dogo, so those Descendants below will take you out of the Dogo Argentino section.

Some Negrecha Progeny below

Negrecha's Sire and Dam below