Boerboel x Kangal: "Hooligan"

Percentage: 50% Boerboel 50% Turkish Kangal

classification: Olympic Farm/Ranch dog

Status: ( Current sire ) off Yard local


Height/Weight: 30" 155 lbs

Sire: Shenanigans ( Boerboel x kangal )

Dam: Homeslice ( kangal x Boerboel )

Hooligan: Is a very special dog. I hate to use words like special, sweet, etc. But I don't have better ones. He sings to you. He's a charmer. If you want to get a feel for Hooligan you just need to drop his name in the youtube channel search bar, coupled with Olympicdogs, there is quite a bit of him over the years. I don't have it sorted into playlists yet. So I'll just include a couple I found for now below. I have very few photos of Hooligan because he's a younger dog, from the video era. I'll try to get some. I suspect his new owners may have some :)

He is great with livestock, chickens, etc. But maybe even better with people. I couldn't use him on my females because he was related to them all.

But I also hated the thought of losing his genes.

So I found him a local home, literally just down the creek in the photo above, and we will very likely take him to one of our Malabais at their next ( second ) heat. For the next phase of the Olympic Farm/Ranch dogs

I will be very excited to keep pups from that pairing !!

If you've wanting an Olympic farm/ranch dog, if you've got stock, you would do well to get deposit in on that pairing.