Ghengis Afrikracker

Boerboel x Kangal: "Ghengis Afrikracker"

Percentage: 50% Boerboel 50% Turkish Kangal

classification: Olympic Farm/Ranch dog

Status: Foundation Stud ( departed )

Born: Nov 2006

Height/Weight: 29" 130 lbs

Sire: Oz Tamam ( Pure Turkish Kangal )

Dam: Tallwater ( Pure Boerboel)

Ghengis Afrikracker: Was a great dog ! Probably the best Kangal x Boerboel we had as far as bonding with and guarding the goats. His genes carry on in a big way here in both our kangal x Boerboel farm/ranch dogs. But also in our Road dogs as we bred him to Homegirl to make the 3/4 Boerboel "Blue" who we in turn bred to 1/2 Boerboel "Country" to create 62.5% Boerboels; Sticky, Sistuhbigbone, Tritoel, and Gronk. Among many, many, well received dogs.

He was my male pick of one of our first kangal x Boerboel litters, I've included a few photos, below one of which very young.

There was a well documented drama surrounding Ghengis, and his theft. It's a backstory I don't really like to think about, and if you knew the whole story, you wouldn't want to think about it either. Telling the story in fact associates my name with people, with whom I want no association, both dead and alive. But I'll probably tell it, or retell it, in time, just so the facts don't get twisted.

But understand it was not easy to steal this dog, it took over a years worth of team work, and people feeding him threw a fence on the down low, on the opposite side of a road and a 20 acre parcel of a neighbors we used. And then "Neighbors" covering for the thief, they had abetted.

The only other thing I want folks to understand, those that are privy to the story to some degree already anyway, is Ghengis wound up pitching, as opposed to catching, by all accounts. So perhaps we don't need to feel as bad for him, in some weird, twisted way, he was respected. Which is the only way I could see it knowing Ghengis.

He was no joke that dog, he pissed on the leg of more than one visitor out here and stood his ground when they took issue.

Some Ghengis Progeny below

Blue: from Ghengis x Homegirl

Ghengis Sire and Dam below

Oz Tamam ( kangal)

Homegirl ( Boerboel)