Great Dane "Magic"

Purebred Great Dane: " SEASIDE BLACK MAGIC "

Status: Foundation Stud ( retired )

Tenure: 2005/2007



Magic is the only Dane I've used in the program to date, but I think his contribution has been positive. "Country" for example is 25% Magic which is what accounts for his very manageable level of dog aggression I'm sure, and probably to a large degree his movement.

Magic had zero interest in other in-tact males, which for me dealing with mostly hot breeds, is a real game changer. Magic also brought phenomenal movement, and Penn hip scores .21 .24 which if you're not familiar with Penn hip, is a truly exceptional score. ( you can see his scores below) and yes I believe good hips are evidenced in movement, unfortunately Magic was pre-video, but it was a thing of beauty the way he moved.

I have been looking for another Dane ever since Magic, and it's almost impossible to find one that makes the cut. But I'll keep looking. As between the low dog aggression, the scale, the hips ( the Penn hip mean for the breed is significantly better than the mean on any mastiff breed ) and the relative disinterest in barking. The Dane, in theory, will continue to play a role in the program..... I don't need two good ones, just one, every decade or so :)

Another thing worth mentioning about Magic is his pedigree, and not for the presence of ribbons and bows, but for the surprising fact that if the color lines were noted at all it seems it was in an almost conscious effort to brake the rules.

He’s black to the eye, but dad is fawn, and grandma and grandpa on that side are brindle each of whom was bred to a fawn. Mom is listed as black and white with harlequins behind her on both sides and each of them was bred to a black and a mantle and so forth. The color lines, or the crossing thereof, served as a means to guarantee a relative lack of inbreeding it seems. Finally color schemes serve a purpose, color coded anti-inbreeding directions. I'll include a copy of his pedigree below as well.

And if/when I find the time to tell the backwoods backstory of his acquisition it will be found in the word of dog section entitled

Appalachia by the Sea

Magic's descendents


Dane x Dogo

" Dangouno"

Dane x Dogo

"Tyra Banks"

Dane x Boerboel