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We have THREE different litters due this Spring/Summer in April, May, and June

  1. ( ALL PURPOSE FAMILY GUARDIANS ) Bogan x Tulsi: Born 2/3/22 Homing in early April

2. (ROAD DOGS ) Bogan x Sticky: Born 4/14/22 Homing third weekend in June 18th/19th

3. ( FARM/RANCH) Hooligan x Malabai "Biggun" Born June 30th Homing late August/early September

  1. Hooligan x Biggun

Family, Farm, Ranch

Hooligan ( Kangal x Boerboel )


Malabai "Biggun" ( Malakli x Alabai (( Central Asian Shepherd )) )

Born: June 30th. No males available, still taking deposits on females. Video soon.

I'm very excited about this next generation of Olympic farm/ranch dogs. "Biggun" is off the charts in Nurturing instincts, the perpetual brood mother of the shop pen, truly fascinated with all things newborn, even the pups of other mothers, who she treats better than some mothers treat their own. I expect her to be a great mother. And I expect great LGD prospects out of her and Hooligan, who is very similar in temperament himself.

Those who follow the program will remember Hooligan, I'll try to find some video of him, as he no longer resides here, but just down the road.

2. "Bogan" x "Sticky" below

Bogan x Sticky ( Road Dogs )


Born: 4/14/2022

I already kept and raised a male from this pairing in "Stogan" who, much as I like him.... is of limited use for the program himself as he's related to most everything but the Malabais... for whom he's a less than an ideal dance partner for the Holly Trinity. I really don't plan to keep this "keeper" but he the pick male in my estimation.

This is very much a "Road Dog" pairing, Sticky, is a big sister to "Sistuh Bigbone and "Tritoe" so the percentages are exactly the same. She's the most athletic of the three, I would say the smartest. And the dominant of the trio, but that may be partially due to being older.

Sticky is just that, the quintessential devoted side kick, very much born to serve and obey, easy to train easy to keep.

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31.25% Boerboel

26% Dane

13.25% Neapolitan Mastiff

7.25% American bulldog

6.25% Dogo Argentino

6.25% Turkish Kangal

3.5% APBT

3.5% Bull mastiff

2.25% Dogue De Bordeaux

“ Bogan” ( MidGuard Mastiff )

39.5% Great Dane

26.5% Neapolitan Mastiff

15.5% American Bulldog

7% American pit bull terrier

7% Bullmastiff

4.5% Dogue de Bordeaux Dam

Sticky “ ( Olympic dog )

62.5% Boerboel

12.5% Kangal

12.5% Dogo

12.5% Dane

3. Bogan x Tulsi

Pick male "Sasquatch," and Pick female " Countrina" only remaining pups, but both could be had, at pick of litter prices. The percentages don't fall cleanly into farm/ranch or road dog directions, so ultimately we have little use for em in the program.

Bogan x Tulsi

Pups born: Feb 3rd 2022

Click here to see 4:18 video of parents and pups at 4/5 wks

Click here to see 4:05 video of parents and pups at 5/6 wks

Part two of video above

Click here to see 2:43 video of parents and pups at 7/8 wks

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This is a repeat breeding… actually a Three-peat. The last being an accident if I’m honest to a fault.

The predominate breeds in play here are Dane and Kangal. What I’m seeing so far in the feed back is dog that could pass as Eurodanes, or “Daniffs”. Very tall, but with more muscle, more bone, more coat, wider heads and tighter jowls than an American Dane. We may have taken a big step towards an “olympic Dane” with this pairing. I’ve got keepers on site as of now to show people what these pups will likely develop into

I see these as good all around family dogs, with considerable protective instincts. At 25% Kangal they won’t be needy, but the other 75% is all zero independence breeds so I they should still be fairly biddable and trainable.


25% Great Dane

25% Turkish Kangal

13.25% Neapolitan Mastiff 1

12.5% S. African Boerboel

7.75% American Bulldog

6.25% Dogo Argentino

3.5% APBT

2.25% Dogue de Bordeaux

Sire: " Bogan “

39.5% Great Dane

26.5% Neapolitan Mastiff 1

5.5% American Bulldog


7% Bullmastiff

4.5% Dogue de Bordeaux

Dam: “Tulsi”

50% Turkish Kangal

25% S. African Boerboel

12.5% Dogo Argentino

12.5% Great Dane