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Olympic Road Dogs:

Bogan x Sistuh Bigbone

Litter born: 6/17/23

Homing:  8/19/23   @ 9wks.

Accepting deposits now.

   Repeat breeding pairs "Bogan" ( Midguard mastiff )  and Sistuh Bigbone, perhaps our most physically impressive Road dog female out of "Country"

 For those unfamiliar with the program, our Olympic "Road dog " is a super biddable, human centric, devoted, Bully Molosser all star. In the case of this litter it is primarily Boerboel and Dane, but has SEVEN OTHER BREEDS, in play, which makes for a healthier, saner, dog.

  And an ideal Family protector of you and yours. Little to no independence, born to serve, devoted by naturew.   Figure 150 lbs. on average for a male, but very athletic. 


31.25% Boerboel 

26 % Great Dane 

13.25% Neapolitan Mastiff 

7.25% American bulldog 

6.25% Dogo Argentino 

6.25% Turkish Kangal 

3.5% APBT 

3.5% Bull mastiff 

2.25% Dogue De Bordeaux 

Sire: “ Bogan” ( MidGuard Mastiff ) 

39.5% Great Dane 

26.5% Neapolitan Mastiff 

15.5% American Bulldog 

7% American pit bull terrier 

7% Bullmastiff 

4.5% Dogue de Bordeaux 

Dam: "Sistuh Bigbone " ( Olympic road dog ) 

62.5% Boerboel 

12.5% Kangal 

12.5% Dogo 

12.5% Dane

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Litter below sold.

Now accepting deposits for next farm/ranch dog litter from Biggun's sister  "Sheballs"

  Shananigans x Biggun 

Olympic Farm/Ranch dogs. 

Farm, ranch, family, guardians.

    Great choice for any application that calls for low prey drive; livestock, chickens, etc.  Will be Giant !!

Pups due early February.

Homing early April.

Taking deposits now.

Shaninigans  ( Kangal x Boerboel )


Malabai "Biggun" ( Malakli x Alabai (( Central Asian Shepherd )) )

  Shananigans:  Was one of our all time best Livestock guardian dogs, a bit of legend in the program.   I should make a playlist of some videos showcasing him at some point, but his name in the search bar of our channel should pull up quite a few options.

Biggun:  is a legit 160 lb female with all the right instincts to guard and protect family and stock.   

Shenanigans: Was one of our all time greats, excellent livestock guardian, pretty ideal example of what we're trying to produce.