We currently have TWO new litters on the ground

Olympic "Road dogs":  Bogan x Tritoe 

Born 4/25/24

starting to leave end of June


Olympic "Farm/Ranch" dogs: Bignanigans x BigBone

Born 5/1/24

starting to leave beginning of July

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1. Bogan x Tritoe: Olympic Road dogs

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Available pups: 

Males: big black, silver/blue brindle male

Females:  red brindle female

My keepers ( light red male, big Bordeaux female )

  Okay this is really the last chance to get a Bogan pup :)  Having taken Bogan ( Midguard mastiff )  to all my Road dog females, multiple times in the last couple years, we know very well by now what we get.  We have the best of those litters on the yard.  And since we had not intended to have this litter, and have another only a week younger, we are probably going to lower the min on these guys to get them homes in a timely fashion.

   They are a less dog aggressive, generally lower liability dog than what we were producing prior; or are likely to produce going forward.   So if you're interested in a dog on the softer end of our spectrum, this is a good opportunity, and likely the last out of Bogan.   Good family dogs, easy keepers, biddable, sticky, etc.  Less over the top about protecting, a little more goofy, then our dogs historically; but probably better suited for a wider demographic.

Please visit our youtube channel to get a better look at the parents and pups from prior breedings.

Born: 4/25/24

6 Males

2 females

Homing: End of June

Pups are:

31.25%  Boerboel

26 %       Dane

13.25%   Neapolitan Mastiff

7.25%     American Bulldog

6.25%     Turkish Kangal 

6.25%      Dogo Argentino

3.5%         APBT

3.5%         Bull Mastiff

2.25%        Dogue De Bordeaux

2. Bignanigans x Sistuh BigBone

Born: 5/1/24

3 males

3 females

Homing first week in July

It's been a long time since we produced anything we could consider an "Olympic Farm/Ranch dog", but this is close enough to wear that moniker.  I didn't announce earler because I wasn't sure it happened, I gave them very little time together, but it seems Bignanigans got it done.  And so I'm just now announcing it a full week after they were born.

  It's not a pure livestock guarding cross, as there is a pinch of prey drive in there in the Dogo/Dane, but I believe the abundance of LGD proper and lower prey drive of the Boerboel, will produce a dog good enough with stock if conditioned early.

Pups are:

43.75%     South African Boerboel

18.75%      Turkish Kangal  

12.5%        Turkish Malakli

12.5%         Central Asian Shepherd

 6.25%        Dogo Argentino

 6.25%        Dane

3. Country x Suprema

Country double down road dogs.

One Blue brindle male still available

Pups born: 3/1/24 

View videos below to see more of this particular litter


Pups are :

40.62 % Boerboel

25.50 %  Dane

15.62 %  Dogo Argentino

  6.62 %   Neapolitan Mastiff

   3.62%   American Bulldog

   3.12 %  Turkish Kangal

   1.75%   APBT

   1.75%.  Bull Mastiff

   1.12%    Dogue de Bordeaux 

 For those unfamiliar with the program, our Olympic "Road dog" is a super biddable, human centric, devoted, bully Molosser all star.  In the case of this litter it is primarily Boerboel and Dane, but has SEVEN OTHER BREEDS, in play, which makes for a healthier, saner, dog.  And an ideal Family protector of you and yours.  Little to no independence,  born to serve.  figure 150 lbs. on average for a male, but very athletic.  

 At Olympicdogs we are combining some of the best working Mastiff/Molosser genetics on the planet.  To create giant, healthy, athletic, intelligent, stable, family/farm/livestock guardian dogs.  Please visit the website for more info.