Boerboel "Homegirl"

Purebred Boerboel: "Homegirl"

Status: Foundation Bitch ( retired )

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Homegirl was aptly named. She was as homebound by nature as I've ever seen a dog be, even amongst Boerboels her complete lack of interest in the outside world was notable. You would truly never need fence for a dog like her.

And she was good with livestock, and one of the least dog aggressive Boerboels I'd come across as well. And easy keeper all the way around. And a very logical choice to breed to my Kangal "Oz"

Homegirl's baby back story:

Homegirl was the pick of her litter. The entirety of which wound up dropped on my yard at about 14 weeks of age. The short version of that story is that a would-be breeder, had purchased a dog from Coomore Boerboels, which was James Brennan, in no small part because she had read all the kinds words I had to say about James on my website after my trip to S. Africa. Then she bought another Boerboel from a second S. African breeder, whose name now alludes me, but I verified both gentleman had sold her dogs at the time.

So our would-be breeder had a litter, but had paperwork issues. She lived way out in the rain forest on a reservation, and without papers she had not been able to sell a single pup. Breeding often looks easier on paper, than it is in reality.

We made some deal that required me to get the papers down the road and for her to get one of my mixes, one of which she'd had already. I sold the litter as best I could sans papers, and no promises. And kept the clear winner, Homegirl. The papers never materialized. But the point was I got the pick of a litter, that wasn't even mine, which is hard to do.

Personally by this time, my faith and interest in papers was dwindling fast, which is why I can't tell you now who the parents were supposed to be. I trust what I can see, and Homegirl was a winner.

Some Homegirl Progeny below

were many, and some went on to be represented in the current sires and dames, but none we're pure Boerboels. So clicking on the images below will take you out of the Boerboel section those progeny to whatever section they belong.

3/4 Boerboel


kangal x Boerboel