"Tyra Banks"

Dane x Dogo

Dane x Dogo: "Tyra Banks"

Status: Foundation Female ( retired )

Sire: "Magic" (Great Dane)

Dam: "Negrecha" ( Dogo Argentino)

Height/Weight. 31" 135lbs

" Big, Black, Beautiful, and not the brightest bitch on the yard" was my catch phrase for the name. I do feel like the Dane took her a step backwards in intelligence, if I'm honest to a marketing fault. But she was a good mother. And she gave me Country who is as functionally intelligent as any dog I've had. I think attitude is maybe more important sometimes with dogs, as none of em are really smart enough to be making policy.

Physically she was very impressive, super tall, fast and athletic, she was pre-video so you'll have to trust me on that.

Young Tyra Banks above

I believe the brindle pup above is "Country"

We bred Tyra often, to various males, and kept pups from each litter, as always. But I believe Country is the only dog in 2022 that can trace its genealogy back threw Tyra Banks, excepting of course several Country daughters. Which is a very good example of the point I've been beating a dead horse about, the reality of sifting in any real breeding program.

Tyra Banks descendants

"Country" 50% Boerboel, 25% Dogo, 25% Dane