Malabai "Sheballs"

"Malabai Sheballs"

Status: Current Dam

Classification: Outside Cross. Farm/Ranch/Family Guardian.

Height/weight: 31" 145 lbs

Born: 2/20/21

Sire: Turkish Malakli

Dam: Central Asian Shepherd

The Malabais are very much in line with the Olympic farm/ranch dog branch of the Olympicdogs Holy Trinity, and at least one will be bred to one of my Kangal x Boerboel males at their next heat.

The "Malakli" or "Aksaray dog" or Aksaray Malakli, or "boz", are basically a kangal with some Turkish mastiff in the mix IMO. ( Said opinion having been informed by traveling Turkey looking at dogs, and speaking to Turks )

Which translates to an already a less independent, more biddable, type of Kangal. You might argue that all of those are the Turkish version of an Olympic farm/ranch dog. By whatever name they are Kangal with more mastiff, they will certainly be less independent than straight kangal

And the Central Asain are farther along the Molloser scale toward mastiffs, then some of the other LGD's like kangal, akbash, etc. as well.

So this "Malabai" combination is already half way home as an Olympic farm/ranch dog. Having witnessed how right and strong their natural instincts are as LGD's ( which is a thing you really don't teach ) I'm very excited to add them to program. Particularly so in lite of the fact they don't roam or demonstrate many of the traits associated with independence.


Is named as such cause she's a true alpha, and a baller :)

Digest that.

I'm quite high on her, even if that level of will power can be more difficult to manage then say her sister "Biggun" for example.

As the most recent additions to the program in the dusty camera era, there are very few photos, but I'll include some links to video, which is more telling anyway. And interested parties can simply plug her name into the search window of our youtube channel, or combine "olympicdogs: and malabai" to bring them up from the general search window of youtube.

There is an interesting backstory on how I came to have the Malabais, if/when I get around to writing it, it will be the the word of dog section, under Backstories. And I think I may have spoken a bit about it in the some of the videos that feature the Malabais already.