Purebred Boerboel: "Tallwater"

Status: Foundation Bitch ( retired )

Sire: "Dopper Bafana Bafana"

Dam: "Hope"

"Tallwater": Was one of, if not, my favorite Boerboel females. Physically she was the tallest of her sisters, the tallest female Boerboel I've owned to date. But what made her most remarkable was the true affinity she had for her goats. She was as good with her goats as any livestock guardian breed dog I've had.

For those less familiar with the Boerboel breed, they are not bred to be, or considered livestock guardian dogs per se. Although the literal translation of Boerboel from Afrikaans means "Farmers big dog," they mostly guard the farms of S. Africa from people. Not so much lions and such, that is mostly marketing talk.

But I have found Boerboels to be low prey drive enough to be kept around stock, and some, like "Tallwater" have a true affinity for bonding with the stock. To date I've found no better suited mastiff to mix with true livestock guardians. Although I'm always looking.

Tallwater seen above having strategically placed herself between the woods, which abut 1 million acres of the cougar strewn Olympic National forest, and her goats. She knew where the predators would come from, but she stayed with her goats.

"Tallwater" Descendants:

There were many. But no pure Boerboels. So the proper pages for Tallwater progeny will be found under headings other than Boerboels. Boerboel x Kangal mostly, but I'll include a photo links for some, that will take you there below

Was one of my all time faves, and probably the most Notable Tallwater progeny, amongst many. Like his mother Tallwater he had a remarkable connection to the stock ( goats in my case, although I'm sure he would have bonded with whatever he was raised ) He was the dog we put young would-be livestock guardians with, a teacher and disciplinarian of young pups.

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Tallwater Ancestors

Tallwaters Dam: Boerboel "Hope"