Olympic Hybrids

Given we've already done so many different crosses, the exponential potential for more, my interest in trying new combinations, and absolute disinterest in ever building another website. I've tried to come up with a structure that will be user friendly to navigate, keep organized, and function into the future. To that end I think it's best to sort the mixes into three basic headings.

Half Breeds: Sorted by frequency and breed alphabetically. With sub-sections for those combinations oft repeated or likely to be.

4 way crosses: Sorted by frequency.

Percentage Hybrids: Sorted alphabetically with predominate breed % first. For example if a dog is 50% Boerboel and the other 50% is composed of 4 different breeds, that dog would get a page under

"Boerboel percentages"

Each of the three headings above has their own navigation tab, within which a given combination may have its own sub pages, if the combination is done often enough to warrant it. And some individual dogs their own subpage within those.

As always, Current litters, Current sires and Current Dams will show what is either physically on the yard, or retained via breeding rights.