Boerboel %


Boerboel Mix: "Country"

Percentage: 50% Boerboel 25% Dogo Argentino 25% Great Dane

Classification: Olympic Road Dog

Status: Foundation Stud ( Current sire ) on Yard

Born: 2014

Height/Weight: 27" 160lbs

Sire: Mandela ( Pure Boerboel )

Dam: Tyra Banks ( Great Dane x Dogo Argentino )

"Country" is my dog, in the meaningful sense of the word. If I have cause to take one with, it's probably him. If I have cause to send one with my family, it's him. If one is going to get let in the house, to sit by the fire, or lay on a dog bed, it's Country.

Country is our best example to date of what I believe a "Road Dog" should be, if you want elaboration on that it can be found in The Holy Trinity. But the simplest way to explain it is a dog whose devoted obedience is paramount. And in Countries case, his instinct to protect, like his instinct to please and obey, are all completely natural. He is no joke when it comes to protecting.

And It might be hard to believe in watching him, but he was really never trained to do anything. He was just born to serve and protect on some level. And we have bred him heavily in the hopes of carrying those genes forward. But the other side of that sword is he's related to all of my females except those most recently imported, and so his options have dwindled, until we bring in new females appropriate to the road dog branch.

Physically he's quite the beast, his weight seems to fluctuate between 145 and 160lbs, on a scale, no BS. His movement would belie his size as he's exceptionally athletic. But I will say that the weight does show up when endurance is called for, he will gas out before a taller leaner dog, covering the same amount of ground. But he's probably still 27 inches at the shoulder, even if those shoulders are packed with muscle.

There's a tremendous amount of Video on Country, if you put Olympicdogs: country in our youtube channel search bar you can watch as much as you like. And I'm going to start a video Playlist for Country there also. There aren't many photos though, but I've included a few below.

video below is just a shorty, but a good example of Country's devotion and behavior with my son, while traveling, one of the reason's he's an ideal "Road Dog." I never worry he won't be by his side, or protect if need be.