Dane x Dogo

Dane x Dogo: This is a very "logical" cross in my estimation. A natural road dog pairing if you don't mind some prey drive. But a great family dog in any case. Loyal, sticky, devoted, this sort of dog will take all manner of abuse from the children. And may well defend them with its life if need be. The Dogo puts some balls and brains back in, the Dane waters the dog aggression down dramatically, but both breeds have that over the top love and devotion to owner.

Physically this pairing is very close to what I consider ideal. Aside from the esthetic beauty of the head, the body is made to cover ground and will do so with the best of em, in a sprint, or for distance.

There is actually Dane in the Dogo, already. And both are natural boar hounds, catch dogs, etc. Great If that's something you might need, or don't mind having. Less so if you've got stock etc.

I'd gladly repeat this pairing again if I can ever find a Dane that's not a joke. But for my lifestyle the truth is high prey drive combinations are of limited use, most of the time, and can become a problem any time, or I'd likely have recreated this pairing again, even if I had to use a less than ideal Dane.... cause truth be told I've been looking forever, and finding a worthy Dane is the biggest challenge I have.

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