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  The dogs listed below are those I'm actively looking to move, but if an older dog is your preference for whatever reason, it's always a good idea to reach out personally, not all the dogs that might be had will be listed here.

  As a breeder I almost always keep a couple pups from every litter; to study, to evaluate, despite knowing there are only so many slots and almost all will have to be parted with later.   Otherwise we'd triple the population, every year, and we're forever struggling to stay below capacity as is.  Call it rookie camp, there is no other way to be sure which ones I ultimately want but to hang onto some when most begin leaving at 8 or 9 weeks.   Those that remain are usually my picks of their respective litters.    And if you're a breeder, or anyone who is more concerned with getting the best dogs possible, it's good to ask what could be had.  There are often older pups and some adults that could be be had but are not necessarily being shopped under this heading at all, but are none the less potentially available.

 Every year the competition gets tougher, the dogs that stay better, those that don't make the cut better also.  But It's simple math,  I've got to loose an adult every time a youngster impresses enough to stay.  Or sell a young adult by the time I decide a change is not warranted.   Either way those dogs end up for sale in this section.

 I suppose the best analogy might be a sports organization.  Every year they bring in new talent by a variety of means; the draft, farm system, trades, free agency.  And every year they must cut down to a certain number.  It's very much the same here.  And I would say not only that a breeder has the luxury of being  extremely particular in what is ultimately kept, but that a breeder also has a responsibility to be very hard to please on that score.  

  Non-pups are subject to be moved on for a variety of reasons; some times to make way for new, different, or better genes.  More often because I kept a youngster around long enough to take a better look, and it was no longer a "puppy" by the time I decided not to give it a spot in the program.  Or maybe we wanted one litter out of a dog, but not a second.   Less often, an old dog has simply reached an age that warrants it, and needs a retirement home.   All of these can still be fine pets, working dogs, or good editions to a family.  In any case, chances are if they stuck around my place long enough to grow up, much less get old, they're pretty good dogs.  

 And such a dog often times appreciates becoming and only dog more than one who has been graced with that status from puppyhood.  As a result they can, and often do, bond all the more intensely with the singular owner or family they have at long last found, which is all any dog ever really wants.

  And though it’s rare that I am asked to, I will on policy, take back any dog I’ve bred from the original buyer.   Typically I'm looking to re-home those as quickly as possible because at that point they are outsiders, and won't be welcomed home by my dogs.

  Bottom line I would encourage anyone not attached to the idea of a 8/9 week old puppy, to consider a dog from this section.  They are often the best value, particularly for those who have an immediate need a puppy can't fill.  You can see some, but not all, of the current options by scrolling down.  If you're inclined to take on an older dog, for whatever reasons, it's always good to call, there there are probably un-listed options, for the right homes.

Available Males 

1. "Bogan" 

Our Midguard Mastiff has served his purpose here, we have 3/4 female keepers now and ultimately probably won't have more than 2.  

 We have two male keepers "Stogan and Rojo" now and ultimately..... will be hard pressed to justify keeping one.   So for our purposes Bogan is pretty much done. 

  He's big athletic good natured beast, very minimal dog aggression, quite the gentle giant really, obedient, eager to please.  But like all good studs he's made his self redundant.  And I'm looking to get him a new home.

  He has been bred very heavily the past few years and I've yet to have anyone call me up with a health issue.... so that's worth noting for anyone of a mind to breed.  There are many videos with him on our youtube station, which you can easily find by placing "Bogan" in the search bar on our channel.  But the most recent is below.  Interested parties are encouraged to call.  Current live video is painless and the only thing one should trust really, we're always happy to provide that for serious buyers.

2. "Rojo" 

my male pick from Bogan x Sustuh big bone.

Very nice pick of the litter pup that never really had a chance to stick here.  Very much wants a family of his own.  See description in video below for exact percentages.

3. Bignanigans

Year old male keeper from Shenanigans x Biggun

Big healthy, athletic, and a natural guardian.  He's too close to my farm/ranch females to justify keeping on the yard indefinitely.   "local" and/or trust worthy buyers willing to keep him in tact and allow breeding rights somewhere down the line will get the best deal.

           Available Females

1.   Tritoe: 

Adult female "Road dog" keeper out of "Country" and "Blue". 

 Tritoe is bred, and for sale !

 Keeper from her litter, a bit redundant to the program, which I'm trying to stream line,  as she's from the same pairing as "Sticky" and "Sistuh Bigbone". 

 Great opportunity for a "breeder" to take advantage of years of selection.

    Would also make someone a great family dog, and family protector.  Loooves kids.  Knows what's expected of her regarding goats, chickens, farm cats, etc.   Well socialized, leash trained, etc.