The Dogo/History story

As fate would have it, on my first trip to Argentina I was able to spend time on the Estancia of the family Martinez, with Ulises and his breeding partner Jorge Funes, with whom I became friends. As such I was able to ask some pointed questions about the history, the official story, and doubts I had regarding the supposed contents of the Dogo Argentino.

The first time I asked the questions, it was threw an interpreter, who had his own agenda, and maybe a more delicate sensibility to the questions posed. I did not get straight answers that time..I don't know how faithfully the questions were interpreted. My spanish is not so good that I can follow it when spoken quickly, so I was at the Mercy of the interpreter.

On my second trip to Argentina, I asked the same questions. This time Ulises wife was the interpreter, she did so with no agenda. And Ulises told me the truth about the Dogo origin, even bringing out an old framed handwritten letter from one of the original Brothers to illustrate his point. In fact he told me he was intending to write a book about it and set the record straight.

That was quite a few years back, maybe he has. But when I find the time I'm going to tell that story, and perhaps in the context of the my journey there.

If/when I do tell that tale it will be found in the