Boerboel %


Boerboel Mix: "Sistuh Big Bone "

Percentage: 62.5% Boerboel 12.5% Dane 12.5% Dogo 12.5% Kangal

Classification: "Olympic Road Dog"

Status: Current Dam, on Yard, in litter


Height/Weight: 25" 130 lbs

Sire: Country (50% Boerboel 25% Dogo 25% Dane )

Dam: Blue ( 75% Boerboel 25% Kangal )

Sistuhbigbone: is one of three Country x blue daughters I kept. Shout out to Anthony Hamilton, but the name fits to be sure. She's got the look at lotta folks like. Wider head and body than the other two sisters.

Temperamentally I'd say she's got the least prey drive of the three, and is perhaps the best mother, she's exceptional in that regard. That's what I like about her.

As a current dam, is the dusty camera era all we have of her is video, but there's quite a bit of that available on Olympicdogs Youtube if you're inclined to put her name in the search bar. I've included a couple examples below.