Kangal % "Innuendo"

Kangal Mix: "Endo"

Percentage: 50% Kangal 25% Dogo Argentino 25% Boerboel

Classification: Kangal%

Status: departed

Height/Weight: 31" 150 lbs

Sire: Lefty (kangal x dogo)

Dam: Honey ( kangal x Boerboel )

Endo was a dog we found almost ideal temperamentally, but less than ideal physically, so we let him go, one of the more impressive genetic dead ends we have had, of which there have been many, most won't get a page if they have no progeny in the current program. But I wanted to give him an honorable mention. And perhaps let him serve as reminder of the point I've been trying to make about a website composed only winners and their progeny... it's misleading.