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Breed description

As mastiffs go I believe the heart of an Argentine Dogo is unparalleled. These dogs are as unlikely to be deterred by pain as any close to their size. And that heart beats in an extremely athletic body, that can cover ground, in a sprint or all day. Steered by a nose that can track, and backed up by jaws as capable as any in the world of dogs. Truly an impressive combination of traits.

All of which, perhaps most remarkably, contained in a genuinely loving canine. This is the paradox those with no first hand experience may find difficult to comprehend. That a beast so foreboding, so capable, so potentially ferocious, a beast that will willingly go to its death in a fight; can be so….sweet.

But that’s really the word, they are loving dogs. Wonderful with children, true family dogs; affectionate titans, would be lap dogs. Naturally subordinate to their owners and generally not aggressive to towards people. To say much more is to stress the limits of generalizations; there are exceptions, and variation within any breed. And that which nurture brings to natures table, as in any breed, can produce dogs very dissimilar in behavior.

General temperament:

The dogo is a paradox difficult to grasp without owning. Lovers and fighters both; as affectionate, patient, and nurturing with their people and puppies as dangerous to their prey or enemies. They are naturally territorial, like most dogs, and though many a walled compound is patrolled by Dogo’s in Argentina, they are not typically suspicious or unwelcoming of people if well socialized ( Although mine came from a breeder who liked Dogo’s that were suited to be protection dogs ). They do tend to be highly dog, and animal aggressive, despite the pack hunting rhetoric.

Energy level: 6-7

The more exercise the better they like to get tired, but don’t go nuts without it. You rarely see a pacer. But they do thrive with ample exercise.

Intelligence: 7-8

I think they're generally a bright beast. Though I have found that the temperaments can get quirky, and I think that’s due more to inbreeding than anything else.

Biddability: 7

Relative to what….right ? relative to spitz types and LGD’s they are extremely biddable. Relative Boerboels…. perhaps less so… but not by a lot. The exception being you are not going to call a Dogo off of it’s prey, when they go, they’re gone. But in day to day matters I find them fairly obedient, excepting the occasions when prey drive kicks in.

Independence: 2-4

Not very, they want to be with their people, ideally in their laps. They never seem to get enough love, nor do they seem to tire of giving it. Unless there is something to hunt/fight.

Gravity: 7-8

Pretty high, lacking something to get after, they tend to stick right around their people fairly well.

Roam: 4-6

Not bad, and if it were not for the tendency to go hunt I’d give em a 3

Prey drive: 9

They like to get after stuff, and it’s very difficult to keep them from doing so. Great for hunting, less so for keeping around livestock.

Dog Aggression: 8-9

Much understated by the Dogo peddlers, but a very real issue. Despite the fact they are supposed to hunt in packs, the truth remains that often does not go as planned, these dogs were in face originally bred to fight. And the marketing got spun otherwise, later, when that became illegal.

Human Aggression: 5-7

This is a difficult one to address because the propensity for and the potential tenacity of are two different matters. I would say by nature they are not naturally man aggressive. I would also say if a Dogo does decide to go after a man, for whatever reason, it will not be easily deterred, not by physical pain.