Kangal "Sweetthing"

Purebred Turkish Kangal: "Sweetthing"

Status: Foundation Dam ( retired )



Sweetthing was one of my favorite females of all time. We kept a female from every Oz x Sevdi breeding of which there many. And Sweething was the one. I try to do something something useful with a dog's name more often than not, and I can't even say at this date how she got hers, but it's spot on. She was a noble beast, she could melt your heart.

The most notable thing about her, given she was a pure kangal, was how people oriented she was. Her "independence" was the least pronounced I've seen in a kangal. She was excellent with the livestock, chickens, etc. She had all the right instincts that way.... but she really lacked that sort of independence that can make pure kangals frustrating.

She loved us like a mastiff, if you will. But with a kangal brain. She was something special. EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD MOTHER, tough as nails, naturally protective of all she surveyed. She goes to the hall of dog fame in my heart. If there's an after life and she and I get to the same neighborhood in it, I believe I'll cry when I see her.

By Sweething's generation, photos start to get scarce and video's more prevalent. As always I believe a video is by it's nature a more realistic look at a dog; movement, temperament, amongst other things. Photos can make any given dog look good or bad, depending. Video is less likely to lie, so to speak, so where I have the option I'll display video.

As always if you want to find more video on Sweething or any of the more recent generations of dogs in the program the search bar on our youtube channel works very well. I've only now just begun to create dog specific playlists, but as time permits that will continue also.

Some of "Sweething"s notable Descendants below

Mischief (Mandela x Sweetthing )

Shenanigans ( Mandela x Sweething )

Sweetthings Sire and Dam below