1) Finders Fees:

The notion of finders fees was initially inspired by the needle in the haystack pursuit of a "Great" Dane worth feeding. And for all the years that offer sat on my previous website, it produced no Dane nor cost no coin. But it did unearth leads, and good intentions. So I've decided to expand the list of breeds, and to include hybrids as well.

My job, really, as a breeder, in large part, is sifting... and searching. To that end I'll take all the help I can get. More eyes, more locations, more connections, are better than less. And what better place to recruit from than my own website. Most likely read by folks for whom my priorities might resonate already.

Because finding exceptional genetics is a long shot. Be it in a random dog of unknown origin, or an established breeding program. No matter what song any particular breed enthusiast, or puppy peddler, might sing you, the reality is the dog breeding/selling world, for the most part, is an evolutionary train wreck. And knowing as much as I do about that, the process of sifting threw the BS pains me sufficient to pay money for leads to lessen the time I spend doing so.

But only for leads that produce ! So please have some reason to believe the lead might, or you'll waste our time, yours and mine. Finder's fees are paid when someone points me in a direction, I'm not already aware of, from which I ultimately procure a dog, not just look into.

If it's a common breed ( like a Dane) have some reason to believe it's a stand out, physically or temperamentally. If it's a rare enough breed ( like a Tosa ) I'll follow any lead. Distance matters, less is good, but it's no obstacle, I've travelled the globe already for k9 gems and will continue to.

Great Dane $500: The most illusive qualities in a Dane, for my money, are; confidence, courage, good nerve and smarts. Balls and brains basically, have been bred out of these poor fuckers with so few exceptions that I would investigate any example that still retained much of any. This is probably the only breed I traffic in where Dog aggression might actually be a good sign. The physical is easy enough to quantify, but we're all beggars in Dane choosing, so later for that.

Boerboel $300: looking for leggy, athletic, smart, confident, brave, stable, and low prey drive...not necessarily in that order.

Akita $300: NO BARKERS !! Looking for tall, athletic, brave. Not worried about gender or color. Looking for good angulation in the hind quarters ( many are too straight )

Why Akita ? in two words the

"OLYMPIC SILENCER" is meant to be the third branch of the olympic dogs Holy Trinity. But the most relevant, difficult to find, and defining characteristic intends to be an extreme reticence to barking. Hence the need for Some Akita in the mix.

Tosa $500: As always looking for tall athletic movers, not concerned with color or gender. But this breed is so rare I'll look into any lead.

I've stayed away from this otherwise tempting breed, for concerns of dog aggression. But I've surrendered to the notion of late, because I've learned that the Tosa was automatically disqualified from any "match" in which it barked, at any stage of the process.

That got my attention. The Japanese it seems really don't like barking dogs. And as a people I do respect their works in general, when they do something it seems they are all in. It's no accident I'm Surrounded Toyota, Honda, Kubota, and Komatsu. The Japanese are the Germans of Asia, you can quote me on that, it's an original.

I've also been informed, by various dog men who have direct experience with dog fighting in general, and Tosas in particular, that the Illusive quality of "gameness" that they all covet, which translates into a dog that won't quit a fight, does not necessarily translate into eagerness to begin one or "dog aggression."

Those are different qualities, although both tendencies often exist in the same dog, it's not always necessarily the case. Apparently some of the most famous game dogs of all time, were disinclined to fight in day to day interactions with other dogs. So we'll hope to find one like that.

Dogo Argentino $ 300: looking for tall athletic movers. If it looks like someone might have snuck something else in the mix, all the better. The breed is doomed to issues of deafness, and various autoimmune and skin issues sans outside blood.

Bandog breeders $300: You read that correctly. I came to the crossroad in 2019, having found the mixed breed dogs clearly healthier I decided I could no longer justify exclusively producing from the scratch of my own purebreds. And needed to consider the product of other like minded cross breeders, banddog breeders, etc. So I always welcome leads to serious cross breeders, banddogs etc.

Mastiff mixes $300: At this point I'm not even gonna limit the finder's fee to mixes of the above breeds. There are many mastiff-ish breeds I might consider in the mix. The notion of intentional crosses has become increasingly popular amongst the general public. Amateur breeders there-in are crossing all manner of dogs. Which is mostly for the better. Problem is they're mostly convenience breeders, crossing bad examples of their respective breeds!!

But I'll look at anything.

I'll invest time and money in very few. But to find those I'll look at many.

LGD breeds and Crosses: No reason I shouldn't consider LGD crosses either: Kangals, Anatolians, Alabai, Boz Shepherds, Malakli, Akbash.

The reality is standout dogs are hard to find, one shouldn't get too caught up in "breed" if the function of the "breeds" are not that different, or serve your needs. If you point me at a dog that impresses enough to buy, I'll happily pay you for the lead. Just know I'm discerning.

I'm reminded of a Warren Buffet quote, hopefully it doesn't seem to far out of place in a dog breeding website.'

" The difference between successful people and vary successful people, is very successful people say no, to almost everything. "

Be that as it may, I believe the wider the net one casts from which to sift, the better.

2. Testimonials.

" New Website" finally underway, intends to improve on the old, in numerous ways. Testimonials are long overdue, but I would encourage video testimonials, and I've got a drop box account to make those easy for you to send me.

I would like to reach out to past and future customers that stumble on these words to announce my intention to finally start the long overdue process of compiling some feedback from yall ! I know I've said that for years, but the technology has caught up to the intention.


A. Video Testimonials. ( who trusts the written word is the stated author's anymore ? )

Video is the future, showcase your Dog, tell us your best dog story, or make whatever points you choose. In keeping with the spirit of the program I would encourage folks to have some fun with it. But keep it short and sweet. You obviously won't get edited, it's an all or nothing deal. If I haven't bothered to learn how to edit my own videos, I dam sure ain't gonna edit yours.

But I will include a link to a short video a customer was inspired to have made after reading some haters lie about the program online. Not because I expect anyone to produce such polished results, but just cause I think it's kinda cute

Teacup video ( Country x Blue pup )

B. I'd like to have a section for customer photos on the new website and/or instagram account. I know many of you have sent me photos over the years. But I'm embarrassed to admit, they are likely buried in my email account. I'm trying to get organized about such things.

3) Washington State Sales Tax: 9%

Turns out I’m obliged to collect it … on dogs ?!

Not on goats, those are livestock..... exempt. But livestock guardian dogs..... taxable... Go figure.

Who knew…… ?

Apparently some chicken shit, with a bone to pick, who brought me to the governor’s attention. So, thanks to them, I must collect the governors money, on all pups and dogs picked up in state.

Pups and dogs received out of state remain exempt.