Dogo "Attraction"

Purebred Dogo Argentino: "Audacity Attraction "

Status: Foundation Sire ( owned by Albert Garfunkel )



This is the dog that made my decision for me; after traveling thousands of miles and looking at dozens of Dogos in Argentina. The single most impressive Dogo I’ve met in all my travels, physically and otherwise. The first thing one notices about Attraction is his size; easily 31 inches and at least 150 lbs. The second is his movement, as graceful and light on his feet as an athletic dog half that size. But the most impressive thing, for me, was his temperament, his intelligence, his nerve.

Albert Garfunkel ( owner of Audacity kennel ) has more champions in more countries than any other Dogo breeder in the world, he tells me, I couldn’t care less. Attraction is the dog that accompanied his wife when she went out, in a place where car-jackings are so common they have a “guard” sitting in a booth whose job is watch for vehicles who’s drivers are being forcibly controlled going in or out of these gaited "communities", like Alberts, within which all live in small gaited compounds, walls within walls.

Attraction was the family guardian, the one they let roam their compound at night; but perhaps more importantly also the one that was out with their children and their friends during the day. And the only dog of many owned by Albert that he chose to do Schutzhund work with.

I hesitate to repeat in a public forum some of what I know about this dog; But having met him, having looked in his eyes, I would say he belongs in that rarified class of dogs unimpressed with humanity. Not an aggressive dog mind you, not at all, just fearless.

"Audacity Attraction"

Descendants below

Negro Culo/Lulo

I named the dog Negro culo. Cause he had a big black spot on his ass. The FCI took offense and changed it to Negro Lulo. The most notable thing about him was his remarkable Penn hip score, which was at the time the best the nation for a Dogo Argentino... may still be ? see below