Compass Rose Farm and the Doug Spink connection

 Normally when I write here it’s to a fairly narrow audience for a fairly well defined purpose.  What follows will have to serve an undefined audience and multiple purposes.  To the extent then the shot gun approach may not hit all targets equally please forgive me.

  I hope I never have to stray farther from dogs on this website then I’m about to, but at the root of this story is a missing dog named Ghengis.  He was a great dog, a teacher of pups with livestock guardian potential, perhaps the best example to date of Kangal/Boerboel cross, and a dog we bred heavily.   So long as he remains missing,  the truth needs to be told somewhere, because it may help bring him home.   

 The primary suspect in this stolen dog story is not someone I’d choose to be associated with… even by search engine.  And yet, to avoid that associaton, might reduce the odds of Ghengis’s return, so let the links get made if they must.   Let the enemy of my enemy contact me if you they choose to.  It might not make them my friend, but justice is justice, and a common cause is just that. 

 First off, a word on my “neighbors” at Compass Rose Farm.   I’ve done more reading on them the last few weeks then I had the seven years prior.  I had always been amazed at the steady parade of free labour, but I had no idea, till I started reading their website, how professional the begging was.

  I must admit it’s about as artfully done as begging can be, which isn’t to say it doesn’t sicken me still, or that I can grasp the shamelessness of it.  Had they not aided and abetted a known zoophile in the theft of my dog I likely never would have turned my attention their way…..but they did.  

  Had Compass Rose not housed Doug Spink, a veritable spokesman for beastiality, for at least 1.5 years, then intentionally withheld his name,  buying him time to do whatever he has with my dog, I wouldn’t be involved….but they did.

 To those who have supported the begging pros at Compass Rose in the past, and may rationalize continuing to do so.   I understand, they do come off as nice people, I thought they were.   I used to let my children spend time there, playing with theirs, and there is no greater trust implicit.  I wrote a sincere testimonial to Kateen’s husband Micheal Fenter’s character,  prior to his sentencing.   And even to this day I don’t know that I would change a word of it.  It’s not a disney movie, good and bad is neither simple, nor mine to judge, but actions do speak louder then words.  And seven years into knowing these perpetually gun toting, christian/hippy, bank robbing, organic farmer/gypsy beggars I’m less sure then ever what is real with them.

  I understand Compass Rose has is its supporters, sure as a table has legs and a cult has followers.  For those who plan to save the world by cultivating a renaissance in outdated methods of agriculture, I say this.  There are many other small scale organic farms struggling to get by in your county.  Most probably too proud to ask for help.  Few having websites, much less bit coin friendly “donate now” buttons.  And all of which certainly having received less help then the Begging Pros at Compass Rose.  I suggest you spread the love.   If charity was so much manure, Compass Rose would have long since been eyeballs deep in bleep.

  I once met a kind gentlemen at a jefferson county land trust party who had re-wired the entire residence at Compass Rose, on his own time, for free.

( Said structure also gifted from the state, with a land trust assist, ahead of folks that had waited on it for years )

The job took months, would have cost tens of thousands.  But you couldn’t throw a piece of Tofu at that party and not hit someone that hadn’t labored for free at Compass Rose.   As the poster children for the land trust ( they are photogenic ) they availed themselves of an amazing amount of good will, labour, money, materials, and machinery from from day one.  No one will deny that, and I believe most all of that comes from a good place.

 But it begs the question, if any one given “farm” requires such disproportionate assistance how “sustainable” are they ?   If they work their volunteer labour 8 hours a day and then send them into the Port Townsend  food bank for their sustenance…. how qualified are they to

"teach sustainability" 

 Which brings me to another question.   Has anyone ever gotten any help from them ?  Seriously, I’d like to know of one person, for my own understanding, please contact me.   Cause from where I sit parasitical is a more fitting term then sustainable.

The Doug Spink Compass Rose connection

 Compass Rose has variously referred to Doug Spink  as a

"house guest"

"good friend"


Initially they told Deputy Avery of the JCSO, Spink was just there for the weekend ( the weekend my dog disappeared ) when confronted with the admission by the grand parents that he had been there for a over a year, the story soon changed, eventually it morphed to 1.5 years of full time residency, as a “renter,”  as noted in the police reports.

 The moment Ghengis was discovered missing I was suspicious of someone at Compass Rose, I just didn’t know who.    Because the feeding of the dogs had become so blatant the dogs lingered at the far end of the 20 acre pasture next to their house as opposed to the gate at the opposite side which I entered daily to feed them, and at which they used to wait eagerly for dry food.

   Initially Kateen fitzgerald denied that anyone had been feeding my dogs, via text ( which I have ).  When I called bullshit on that citing the bones laying about, she texted back

 ” I asked around and one of our house guest that is no longer here was giving bones to the dog. I apologize” 

  Yet she refused to give up the name, or any other information, even called the Sheriff on me for continuing to press the issue, and ultimately sought a protection order against me for demanding to know who it was.  Said order full of trumped up tripe, and promptly tossed out of court for the absurdity it represented.

  Later she acknowledged to deputy Mintz  knowing all along that the “house guest,” was Doug Spink, that he’d been feeding the dogs for months, and for that matter that they all had.  As noted in the police reports.

 The grand parents told JCSO deputy’s that Spink had been asked to leave to make room for incoming “interns” ( free labour )  But later, the story was because he hadn’t paid rent.  Regardless, they say, he insisted on moving out in the dead of night, so they heard him leave, heard a wheel barrow in the night, but didn’t see anything.   How convenient, considering the whole cut in the fence was directly in front of the residence.  No goodbye after a year and a half just a midnight departure….That’s the story.

Oh, that and that they knew about Doug Spinks smuggling bust ( 300 plus lbs. of cocaine ) and probation/parole status but somehow not that he’s a long time advocate  for “cross species” something or other, read dog/horse fucker/fuckee.    

 A quick google will make obvious that owning a computer and claiming to know only part of the Doug Spink story denies common sense,  much less living with him on a “farm” where everyone has a computer and nary a one a tractor.  

 Doug Spink might be a lot of things.  But apparently ashamed isn’t one.  A guy that has been busted for running a tourism beastiality ranch but has a bumper sticker on his vehicle, to this day, that reads

" Real men love dogs"

and had one on his laptop that says

" My horse is more then my husband"

And who once wore a T shirt celebrating man/dog love to and I.T. meeting in Manhatten might have a sense of humor……but he ain’t joking exactly, and he for dam sure ain’t on the down low.

 Quite the contrary, infamous maybe, unknown hardly.  And if internet notoriety is the coin of the realm, Stink is the king, the rest of us only paupers.   When Hollywood goes to make the movie it may be about the brilliant misunderstood cybergeek dog fuckee, or the evil genius conman cyber-villian dog fucker, or only hollywood knows what.  But it will be about him, not the underdeveloped characters he came in contact with.  

   Even in the unlikely event everyone at Compass Rose somehow only knew the drug smuggling bit of the Spink story, the fact he “cooperated” and served under two years for a bust valued at over 30 million, that got a guy who didn’t “cooperate”  decades, and also apparently sent a judge to prison.   Should send a signal that Spink might be a dangerous person to have around, even to be standing next to.   Dangerous to have your children around, or the children of other people.  

 And yet Compass Rose was bringing children to the farm regularly not fifty yards from the spot Spink supposedly slept his days away and spent his nights tending his internet business for fellow zoophiles, pedifiles, and who ever else feels the need to pay a monthly fee too communicate via incrypted servers.  If you’re considering sending your children to Compass rose’s  

"Dirt Rich School" consider all that.  

 And lastly consider this by way of complicity.  Even if you buy that  no one ever figured out who Spink was, the deputy’s promtly informed them.

  Several weeks AFTER THAT, when deputy mince returned to Compass Rose to take Spink’s dog into protective custody ( yes he had his own, and a horse, both at Compass Rose, in violation of his parole and he specifically asked that his dog be left at Compass Rose when he was taken into custody in possession of it )  The only objection came from Kateen Fitzgerald who yelled out her door as Deputy Mintz pulled away

" Whatever you do don’t nueter him"

Which strikes me as odd, or maybe a little funny, but exactly what we might expect Spink would have her say.  For those who don’t know, Spink apparently likes to be on the receiving end of dog/man sex, I kid you not, they tell me it’s documented.   And maybe I’m being too kind to Kateen here, but I can’t imagine she’s so inclined.  So who’s bidding is she doing there ?

   Moreover, not thirty minutes later Deputy Mintz  get’s a call from one Claire Spink offering her services as a potential caretaker of Doug’s just seized dog.  Poor women it seems is forever running around trying to get her 40 something year old sons quadraped lovers back the moment some authority or another takes them away.  And she admits to deputy Mintz that Kateen called her straight away to inform her the dog had been seized.  All of which noted in his report.

  Which makes sense if Kateen was complicit with Doug Spink somehow to begin with.   But none at all if she was betrayed by a “friend”, “guest”, or “renter” who certainly would have been betraying his host in ripping of her neighbor on the way out.

 So that’s the StinkRose connection in a nutshell.  Of course there are more ties that bind, most of which are better saved for civil or criminal trials then served up in discovery for the internets consumption.  Later for that.

   For those readers who might have begun to share my frustration with this story, check this out then.   In a particularly choice bit of bizarro “journalism”  that o-so-unlikely bit of selective Spink history/awareness was some how then accredit to yours truly by the P.T. MIs-leader in the initial clusterfuck of an article ( the online version of which since partially corrected ) ,  And I quote.

" At the time, Johnston said he was made aware of Spink’s drug bust history, but it was before Spink’s animal activist role came to public light."


Not even close.  

That is a precious gem, of misinformation.  I don’t think I could write such a short sentence so wrong on so many levels if I tried.  And who is all of a sudden gracing Spink with the term “animal activist” Mr. Editor ? You’d think a far left leaning rag in a far left leaning town would have more respect for the term…. Activist.   

What I told the Misleader, in plain English, was that the drug stuff came up first in a google search, but even in 2007 you didn’t have to go far in the same search to see allegations of beastiality ( however spelled )

  And  ” Johnston was made aware of the drug bust ”   

 Reads as if he informed me and I decided to do business with him anyway, does it not ?   Innuendo or just bad writing ? Poor journalism either way.

  Spink came into my world in late 2006, inquiring about dogs over the phone like most everybody else I deal with in dogs.   I knew nothing about him, that hadn’t come up talking dogs, till I figured it all out in a matter of minutes, with one google search in early 2007 promted after it became clear he had tried to run a con on me, and contrary to his claims, had neither buyers nor deposits for the pups his dog sired with mine, as per our contract.

 Which is why I told him he wasn’t getting a dog from me, even before I figured out who he was, at which point I assured him all I had for him was a bullet or a thank you, and he would never get a dog from me.   

 So perhaps in his mind, trying to con people, and having sex with dogs is not reason enough for someone to deny him one… and he simply evened the score.   Could be that simple, in his mind.

 To the P.T. leader I say this, you should be embarrassed.  If you don’t know what you’re writing about, you should take another week and come correct.   The only time I’ve felt any pity for Spink or Compass Rose in this story is when I got a first hand taste of the slap hazard, smut slinging, shock centric, factually unencumbered, small town journalism you and people like you perpetuate.   The great irony of the information era I suppose may be it’s ultimately undone by a deluge of misinformation.  God help anyone who’s life is actually subject too much of it.

And finally a word to Spink, cause internet villian that he is, he will read it.

My take on you is entirely dependent on what you’ve done with Ghengis.

if he

A. lives 


B. Is dead

 If he’s living:

  And you have any non zoophile friends, I like to think you’d leave him with one of those.  In this context drug smugglers, computer hackers, bank robbers, your mother, almost any walk of life would be preferable. 

 If he must be with a zoo, I prefer to imagine him living large, with a beautiful wealthy, lady zoo.  Maybe eating organic buffalo dog food, getting his nails trimmed regularly, perhaps lounging around a pool somewhere.  

  If that’s not an option I guess that fake red head, fake journalist Careen Maloney will do.  Or was that real red hair, and fake journalism…. on the hair, I can’t be sure.

  As everybody that’s been out here knows, Ghengis had a post card dog  life; in a twenty acre pasture with a babbling brook, a large herd of admiring goats, a steady rotation of bitches in heat, and a human family including three children that loved him.   It was hard to improve on his daily reality, good luck trying to pitch it as rescue.

 I can’t begin to know how a man that likes to get bleeped by dogs thinks, I won’t pretend to.   But some of those that spent more time trying then I care to have suggested you may, in your own strange way, have fallen in “love” with the dog ?

  In that case, if he comes back in good health and spirits….. I might forgive you.   If he takes to trying to mount future puppy buyers… well at least we have a story to tell, I’ll be sure and get some youtube video for those not put off by dark humor.    We can let future generations debate the merits of your cause, maybe someday we will zoophiles in the NFL, but I assure you this era is simply grossed out, myself included, even if I make light of it.

 If he’s dead:  

 Then you Spink are the worst sort of hypocrite.  The lowest form of coward.  Your life’s work is only lies,  your followers only fools.   You cry about the government taking your animals then turn around steal mine ?  

 If you have killed that innocent dog, for whatever “reason” or just to take the heat off,  then all your eloquence, all your intelligence, education and mental gymnastics mean nothing…… cause you have no soul.   And that is thing which can neither be begged, borrowed, stolen, or purchased.

 If you were trying to settle some kind of score, then you should have been man enough to show your face to me, and left the innocent parties out of it. I’m not hard to find.   I won’t be whenever you next get out.   The state of Washington doesn’t require a man to take a step backwards, and you can bet your life I won’t.   

I want my dog back.




Current and Pending litters


1.  Lefty ( kangal/Dogo )  x Honey (Kangal/Boerboel)  




Born 1/10/14

pups: 50% Kangal 25% Dogo 25% Boerboel

8 females, 4 males

Pups going to new homes mid march

Accepting deposits now.



pick male  on 3/3/14 sold


Pick female below  on  3/3/14

Now for sale

You can see more photos of this litter by clicking their album

or short videos by clicking the links below.

Pups at about 4wks on 2/12/14   :52 

Pups and older siblings on 2/13/14     2:17

Pups and older siblings on 2/26/14      4:37

Pups and older siblings  on 2/27/14      3:00

Pups and older siblings  on 3/8/14    3:30

Runner  up keeper, female, 3/29/14  :43

 This is a line breeding on my favorite dog Oz.   Those of you who follow us regularly know we just did this pairing…….. and as pleased as I was with the results we most likely would have done it again, eventually….but not so soon.   Both dogs, Lefty and Honey, were together on a friends yard, and they underestimated the things dogs will do to breed.   

 The good news is you can meet examples of this mix on my yard, the bad news is they are only 6 months older then these guys.  I’d prefer to wait till they were a year or more before deciding if it’s something we wanted to repeat….. but c’est la vie, that’s not the way it went.

  I will say this though, I’ve not had a young dog I can remember being  more excited about then the male I kept from the first breeding “Innuendo” aka Endo.   And I’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback from the first groups owners.  You could easily get the dog of a lifetime with this pairing.



" Fry"  (50% Boerboel 25% Dogo 25% Dane)


"Sweetthing" (Kangal)


Pups: 50% Kangal 25% Boerboel 12.5% Dogo 12.5% Dane

Born 1/27/14    3 males  7 females 

Going to new homes early April

Accepting deposits now.

pups seen below at a few days old



Male pup below became available when the original depositors choose to switch to the Lefty x Honey litter.


Both of these female pups below are still available, till I change the text to reflect otherwise.


Click links below to see short video of this litter.

  Pups at three days old  1:50

Pups on 2/12/14 about 3 wks 1:10

 3:52 Fry and Sweetthing milling about the yard

pups 3/8/14 about 5 wks    6:00

pups 3/15/14  about 6 wks  5:24




"Sweetthing" is something special !  a keeper among keepers.

 An Oz x Sevdi daughter, She is quite tall and moves in a manner I can’t do justice to with words, expect video for that soon.  She is pretty close to my ideal physically but that’s not what sets her apart.  ”Fry” also is a beautiful moving, long legged physically ideal dog.

 Sweet thing is a very atypical Kangal, much less independent then most. She has all the smarts of the Kangal, without the extreme independence.  Some things are easier then others to quantify, what I like about her is not. Call it temperament, or character, or spirit, call it what you will, it’s really not something I can verbalize.  Let’s just say this and hope it suffices, she’s my my favorite bitch.

" Fry" is my  pick of a litter that paired Mandela ( Boerboel ) and Tyra Banks ( Dogo x Dane )  He’s thirty plus at the shoulders and 150 lbs at just over a year and still growing, he is about what I consider ideal in proportion, powerfully built but not too heavy, extremely athletic and scary fast for a dog that size.  If he were a football player I’d say maybe 6’4” 240 and running a 40 yard dash in under 4.5

 Temperamentally he’s quite the lovable lug we’d expect in a boerboel/dogo/dane around the family, but is all business when it comes to anything he perceives as a threat.  Fry belongs to a good friend of mine who lives about an hour away in Bremerton, so he might be seen there,  I’d like to get some video of him really moving, as opposed to just standing around, cause that’s where he shines…but I expect to have him present when folks pick up their pups in any event.



Appalachian farm dogs,  English royalty k9’s,  Olympic Oops’s

Call them what you will, they’re equally related by any name 

1/2 boerboel 1/4 Dogo 1/4 kangal 

On both sides :)  

Two males, accidental, inbred, and priced accordingly.  

These guys are survivors, they beat the “morning after pill”  

Might turn out to be a bargain…..if you’re feeling lucky give me a call :)



Papered Purebred Boerboel pups available from


I studded out my Male Boerboel, Mandela, to a very impressive female which is something I get asked to do often but have only done once.  Because the bitch was that impressive to me.

  The family who had the litter is finding dealing with the Boerboel buying public even less enjoyable then I assured them it wouldn’t be.  

 So I’ve offered to make this last minute announcement and see if I can’t stir up some buyers, maybe put together a package deal with them, and distribute the pups myself.    Pups should be ready for new homes in early March.  Just give me a call if you’re interested.

 Mandela x Remi  2:09

Mandela x Remi  1:15

Mandela x Remi post Tie 1:38

Remi jumping in truck  :41

Slow mo Tie

One female pup available

Female A below



1. Tanya is looking heavy, I’m calling it official see Possible/Pending for the next litter.  



2.                     Ghengis has been stollen  ( the real story )



 I write this having just read the hack-job my local paper, the Port Townsend Leader did on the topic…. Wow.. no wonder they call it the Misleader.    Which I suppose forces me to clean up their mess… but with so many errors, both big and small, corrections alone would unduly burden the reader, not to mention the weary writer.  That would  require its own link, and a proper lampooning, later for that, if ever.  It’s a good thing nobody reads it or they’d be dangerous.

The important point is this.

1.  Ghengis was stolen, Ghengis is missing, and we are hoping he will be found alive.

 Any information what-so-ever from anyone who-so-ever would be greatly appreciated by me and my family.

Those interested in this strange drama or Ghengis can read more in the link below.

 Where’s Ghengis?   The Compass Rose farm/ Doug Spink connection.  



One Purebred Boerboel pup available

I studded out my Male Boerboel, Mandela, to a very impressive female. 

  The family who had the litter is finding dealing with the Boerboel buying public even less enjoyable then I assured them it wouldn’t be.  

 So I’ve offered to make this announcement and see if I can’t stir up a buyer Just give me a call if you’re interested.

 More Links to the two dogs in play can be found under current litters.

 Mandela x Remi



The two most anticipated breedings of 2014, might just be the first two of the year.

Oz (Kangal) x Homegirl (Boerboel)  SOLD

Fry (50%boerboel 25%Dogo 25%Dane ) x Sweetthing (Kangal)


see current litters for more info



Finders Fee $300

For anyone that points me in the direction from which I ultimately acquire a Great Dane.   I’m looking for something special, I don’t care where in the world it is, but please do have some reason to believe it’s a Dane of exceptional smarts, nerve, and courage our you’ll waste time, yours and mine both. 

Possible/Pending litters

1.  ”Oz” ( pure kangal )  x  ”Be Good Tanya” (5/8 Boerboel )

Kangal x Boerboel with a twist really.  Most people that see Tanya think she’s  a Boerboel, except she’s taller and more athletic.  She is however very good with livestock despite her 1/8 Dogo and 1/8 Dane so it would appear the Boerboel and Kangal in her has carried the day.

I’ve been lagging on the website, but I’ll get more photos and video of Tanya up soon.

First Tie was 3/14/14  

Expecting pups mid May, going to new homes Mid July

Accepting deposits now.