Current and Pending litters


1.  Lefty ( kangal/Dogo )  x Honey (Kangal/Boerboel)  





Born 1/10/14

pups: 50% Kangal 25% Dogo 25% Boerboel

8 females, 4 males

Pups going to new homes mid march

Accepting deposits now.



pick male  on 3/3/14 sold


Pick female below  on  3/3/14

Now for sale


You can see more photos of this litter by clicking their album

or short videos by clicking the links below.

Pups at about 4wks on 2/12/14   :52 

Pups and older siblings on 2/13/14     2:17

Pups and older siblings on 2/26/14      4:37

Pups and older siblings  on 2/27/14      3:00

Pups and older siblings  on 3/8/14    3:30

Runner  up keeper, female, 3/29/14  :43

 This is a line breeding on my favorite dog Oz.   Those of you who follow us regularly know we just did this pairing…….. and as pleased as I was with the results we most likely would have done it again, eventually….but not so soon.   Both dogs, Lefty and Honey, were together on a friends yard, and they underestimated the things dogs will do to breed.   

 The good news is you can meet examples of this mix on my yard, the bad news is they are only 6 months older then these guys.  I’d prefer to wait till they were a year or more before deciding if it’s something we wanted to repeat….. but c’est la vie, that’s not the way it went.

  I will say this though, I’ve not had a young dog I can remember being  more excited about then the male I kept from the first breeding “Innuendo” aka Endo.   And I’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback from the first groups owners.  You could easily get the dog of a lifetime with this pairing.




" Fry"  (50% Boerboel 25% Dogo 25% Dane)


"Sweetthing" (Kangal)


Pups: 50% Kangal 25% Boerboel 12.5% Dogo 12.5% Dane

Born 1/27/14    3 males  7 females 

Going to new homes early April

Accepting deposits now.

pups seen below at a few days old



Male pup seen on 4/21/14 below became available when I had a buyer switch litters.  If his photos still up, he’s still available.image

Female pup seen below on 4/21/14 is availableimage

Click links below to see short video of this litter.

  Pups at three days old  1:50

Pups on 2/12/14 about 3 wks 1:10

 3:52 Fry and Sweetthing milling about the yard

pups 3/8/14 about 5 wks    6:00

pups 3/15/14  about 6 wks  5:24




"Sweetthing" is something special !  a keeper among keepers.

 An Oz x Sevdi daughter, She is quite tall and moves in a manner I can’t do justice to with words, expect video for that soon.  She is pretty close to my ideal physically but that’s not what sets her apart.  ”Fry” also is a beautiful moving, long legged physically ideal dog.

 Sweet thing is a very atypical Kangal, much less independent then most. She has all the smarts of the Kangal, without the extreme independence.  Some things are easier then others to quantify, what I like about her is not. Call it temperament, or character, or spirit, call it what you will, it’s really not something I can verbalize.  Let’s just say this and hope it suffices, she’s my my favorite bitch.

" Fry" is my  pick of a litter that paired Mandela ( Boerboel ) and Tyra Banks ( Dogo x Dane )  He’s thirty plus at the shoulders and 150 lbs at just over a year and still growing, he is about what I consider ideal in proportion, powerfully built but not too heavy, extremely athletic and scary fast for a dog that size.  If he were a football player I’d say maybe 6’4” 240 and running a 40 yard dash in under 4.5

 Temperamentally he’s quite the lovable lug we’d expect in a boerboel/dogo/dane around the family, but is all business when it comes to anything he perceives as a threat.  Fry belongs to a good friend of mine who lives about an hour away in Bremerton, so he might be seen there,  I’d like to get some video of him really moving, as opposed to just standing around, cause that’s where he shines…but I expect to have him present when folks pick up their pups in any event.



Appalachian farm dogs,  English royalty k9’s,  Olympic Oops’s

Call them what you will, they’re equally related by any name 

1/2 boerboel 1/4 Dogo 1/4 kangal 

On both sides :)  

Two males, accidental, inbred, and priced accordingly.  

These guys are survivors, they beat the “morning after pill”  

Might turn out to be a bargain…..if you’re feeling lucky give me a call :)







1. “Be Good Tanya” is looking heavy, I’m calling it official

see link below for more info

Possible/Pending for the next litter.  



2.                     Ghengis has been stollen  ( the real story )



 I write this having just read the hack-job my local paper, the Port Townsend Leader did on the topic…. Wow.. no wonder they call it the Misleader.    Which I suppose forces me to clean up their mess… but with so many errors, both big and small, corrections alone would unduly burden the reader, not to mention the weary writer.  That would  require its own link, and a proper lampooning, later for that, if ever.  It’s a good thing nobody reads it or they’d be dangerous.

The important point is this.

1.  Ghengis was stolen, Ghengis is missing, and we are hoping he will be found alive.

 Any information what-so-ever from anyone who-so-ever would be greatly appreciated by me and my family.

Those interested in this strange drama or Ghengis can read more in the link below.

 Where’s Ghengis?   The Compass Rose farm/ Doug Spink connection.  



One Purebred Boerboel pup available

I studded out my Male Boerboel, Mandela, to a very impressive female. 

  The family who had the litter is finding dealing with the Boerboel buying public even less enjoyable then I assured them it wouldn’t be.  

 So I’ve offered to make this announcement and see if I can’t stir up a buyer Just give me a call if you’re interested.

 More Links to the two dogs in play can be found under current litters.

 Mandela x Remi



The two most anticipated breedings of 2014, might just be the first two of the year.

Oz (Kangal) x Homegirl (Boerboel)  SOLD

Fry (50%boerboel 25%Dogo 25%Dane ) x Sweetthing (Kangal)

see current litters for more info



Finders Fee $300

For anyone that points me in the direction from which I ultimately acquire a Great Dane.   I’m looking for something special, I don’t care where in the world it is, but please do have some reason to believe it’s a Dane of exceptional smarts, nerve, and courage our you’ll waste time, yours and mine both. 

Possible/Pending litters

1.  ”Oz” ( pure kangal )  x  ”Be Good Tanya” (5/8 Boerboel )

Kangal x Boerboel with a twist really.  Most people that see Tanya think she’s  a Boerboel, except she’s taller and more athletic.  She is however very good with livestock despite her 1/8 Dogo and 1/8 Dane so it would appear the Boerboel and Kangal in her has carried the day.

I’ve been lagging on the website, but I’ll get more photos and video of Tanya up soon.

First Tie was 3/14/14  

Expecting pups mid May, going to new homes Mid July

Accepting deposits now.

Adult Dogs and older pups for sale/trade

 Scroll down for photos, and current options.

   As a breeder I almost always keep a pup or two from every litter to study, to evaluate, despite knowing there are only so many slots to fill and most will be raised only to be parted with later.   Call it rookie camp, there is no other way to be sure which ones I ultimately want, pups are placed too soon to really know.   Those that remain are almost always my picks of their respective litters.   

 Every year the competition gets tougher, the dogs that stay better, those that don’t make the cut better.   It’s simple math,  I’ve got to loose an adult every time a youngster impresses enough to warrant it.  Or a young adult by the time I decide a change is not warranted.  I suppose the best analogy would be a sports organization; every year they bring in new talent, by a variety of means; farm system, trades, free agency.  And every year they must get down to a certain number.  It’s very much the same here.

 Older dogs are subject to be moved on for a variety of reasons; some times to make way for new, different, or better genes.  More often because I kept a youngster around long enough to take a better look at and it was no longer a “puppy” by the time I decided not to give it a slot.  And less often because they simply reached an age that warrants it.  

   These can still be fine pets, and good editions to a family.  In any case chances are if they stuck around my place long enough to grow up, much less get old, they’re pretty good dogs.  Such a dog often times appreciates becoming and only dog more than one who has been graced with that status from puppyhood.  As a result they can, and often do, bond all the more intensely with the singular devoted owner or family they have at long last found, which is all any dog ever really wants.

  And though it’s rare that I am asked to do so, I will take back any dog I’ve sold, for any reason.  As such, time to time, I will try and place one of those dogs in this section if I believe it’s suited to be re-homed.

  I would encourage anyone not attached to the idea of a puppy to consider a dog from this section, they are often the best value on a number of levels, particularly for those who  have an immediate need a puppy can’t fill.


 1. Two mature adult females available: one of which is a straight sale, the other I’d like to have the option to breed one more time.

 2. Several young adult “keeper” females:  these pick of the litter females are available to “local” ( that’s relative, better discussed ) homes for free.  Collateral will be required upfront however until new owners end of the agreement it fulfilled.   There are several very nice females available to homes such as these, please contact me for specifics.

3.  My male keeper from Oz x Yessum breeding:  Born 9/23/13  

 As is almost always the case with males this guy isn’t going to stay on long term.  Not a thing wrong with him, I just can only keep a few males around, and this guy has some of everything I have in him, as such can’t really be bred to anyone, and isn’t going to be “my dog”  That position is extremely competitive.

 I’ll get some photos and such of him soon, feel free to contact me with any questions.