Current and Pending litters


1.  OZ ( kangal )  x Red ( Boerboel )  

 First tie 8/25/14 expect pups late October, 

 Homing just before late december

 Oz never misses, you can count this breeding.

More photos and info later.


2. Mandela ( pure Boerboel ) x Boelbella ( pure boerboel )

Born August 29th

One female available



1. The signature cross of Olympicdogs is on the way

  Pure Kangal x Pure Boerboel

 ”Oz” ( my favorite )  x “Red” ( Mandela x Boelbella pick )

Pups will be due late october going to new homes in right around Xmas.  Photos and such to follow soon


2 Female keepers:  I have more then I can keep.

  Great opportunity for homes willing to keep a bitch intact.  You can get a pick of the litter female and or pup/s for FREE.

 ”You feed em I breed em”

 Deals can be had on a variety of females, at present I’ve got options from  brand new pups, to two seven month old females,  a  one year old, and a few old bitches I’m just hoping to get one more breeding out of before they retire for good, purebreds and crosses.

 Terms are negotiable and flexible but will usually need to be secured with some collateral up front until such time as the terms of the agreement are met.

 If you think you might be interested please give me a call we can discuss it.


3.  Washington State Sales Tax:

Turns out I’m obliged to collect it … on dogs….who knew…… ?

Apparently someone with a bone to pick did, and brought me to the governor’s attention.  So from now on I must, on all pups and dogs picked up in state.   Pups and dogs received out of state remain exempt.  


4. Finders Fee $300

For anyone that points me in the direction from which I ultimately acquire a Great Dane.   I’m looking for something special, I don’t care where in the world it is, but please do have some reason to believe it’s a Dane of exceptional smarts, nerve, and courage our you’ll waste time, yours and mine both. 


Possible/Pending litters

1. OZ ( pure Kangal )  x  ”Red” ( pure boerboel )

First tie of many August 24th, expect pups third week October, going to new homes right around Xmas.

Stay tuned for photos and more info.

Accepting deposits now, Oz NEVER MISSES.


2. Mandela ( pure Boerboel ) x Boelbella ( pure boerboel )

First tie witnessed June 21, expect pure boerboel pups third week in  August, going to new homes third week in October.

Definitely pregnant updated August 1st.

Accepting deposits now on papered Boerboel pups.




2. “Mandela”  x “Hoochie Mama” 

Pure Boerboel x  50% kangal 25% Dogo 25% Boerboel

Pups will be: 62.5% Boerboel 25% Kangal 12.5% Dogo

I never saw a tie with these two, but Hoochie mama seems to be getting heavy….. it’s not a clear call yet, but I’m hoping

   By my math pups would be born in late September going to new homes in late November early December, obviously we will dial those dates in after they’re born… if she did in fact get bred.

  Some may remember a line breeding we did on “Oz”, my favorite dog,  awhile back pairing “Lefty” (kangal x Dogo )  x “Honey” ( kangal x Boerboel ) with Oz being the Kangal on both sides.  

 That came to be called the Hoochie Boots litter ( a story in itself )   Hind sight is 20/20 and in this case it worked out, we got some very nice dogs from the that pairing, including “innuendo” and “Hoochie mama” my keepers, both of whom can be met at our Discovery Bay location.

  Innuendo, who we just call endo, is challenging for that most coveted of titles…. “my dog.”  His  temperament is as ideal for an ambassador to the program as any we’ve produced, he wins hearts and minds wherever he goes.  He’s got the smarts and social graces of a Kangal, without the stubborn independence.  He sticks like a Boerboel despite being only 25% but is never needy.  And his 25% Dogo has added a cheerful affection but appears not to have hindered his potential as a stock guardian.  

 Now I would almost consider it a red flag if someone claimed that all the best qualities of varied and various breeds somehow came to the floor in one beast…… as much as I would those who claim all the worst traits will magically align.  But in Endo, on temperament anyway, the best of several divergent k9’s seemed to have merged ideally.

 Hoochie Mama is slightly higher strung Endo.  Wicked smart, biddable, good with stock, more athletic if not as tall.  I suspect her pairing with Mandela will produce exceptional pups/dogs, and if you’re inclined to value my humble opinion, I think this would a great litter to get in on.

Accepting deposits now.

I realize neither Endo or Hoochie mama have even been photo-documented yet, that will happen soon, if you’re local you’re more then welcome to come out.  If you’re not try and be patient, I do realize the website is lagging behind the progress of the program, I would ask you to remember that the dogs, not the marketing, is my passion.

Adult Dogs and older pups for sale/trade

 Scroll down for photos, and current options.

   As a breeder I almost always keep a pup or two from every litter to study, to evaluate, despite knowing there are only so many slots to fill and most will be raised only to be parted with later.   Call it rookie camp, there is no other way to be sure which ones I ultimately want, pups are placed too soon to really know.   Those that remain are almost always my picks of their respective litters.   

 Every year the competition gets tougher, the dogs that stay better, those that don’t make the cut better.   It’s simple math,  I’ve got to loose an adult every time a youngster impresses enough to warrant it.  Or a young adult by the time I decide a change is not warranted.  I suppose the best analogy would be a sports organization; every year they bring in new talent, by a variety of means; farm system, trades, free agency.  And every year they must get down to a certain number.  It’s very much the same here.

 Older dogs are subject to be moved on for a variety of reasons; some times to make way for new, different, or better genes.  More often because I kept a youngster around long enough to take a better look at and it was no longer a “puppy” by the time I decided not to give it a slot.  And less often because they simply reached an age that warrants it.  

   These can still be fine pets, and good editions to a family.  In any case chances are if they stuck around my place long enough to grow up, much less get old, they’re pretty good dogs.  Such a dog often times appreciates becoming and only dog more than one who has been graced with that status from puppyhood.  As a result they can, and often do, bond all the more intensely with the singular devoted owner or family they have at long last found, which is all any dog ever really wants.

  And though it’s rare that I am asked to do so, I will take back any dog I’ve sold, for any reason.  As such, time to time, I will try and place one of those dogs in this section if I believe it’s suited to be re-homed.

  I would encourage anyone not attached to the idea of a puppy to consider a dog from this section, they are often the best value on a number of levels, particularly for those who have an immediate need a puppy can’t fill.

 You can see some, but not all, of the current options by scrolling down.  If you’re inclined to take on an older dog for whatever reasons it’s always good to call.  I have 


  Pick of the litter females

 Several young adult “keeper” females:  are available to “local” ( that’s relative, better discussed ) homes for free.  Collateral however, will be required upfront, until new owners end of the agreement is fulfilled.   There are several very nice females available to homes willing to keep them in tact and allow them to be bred a time or two on “you feed em I breed em” agreements.  

 Feel free to contact me if you think you might be a candidate, the specifics can be whatever we agree to.


 Mature adult females available below:

A.  Agressa Silva:  A “blue” 1/2 Boerboel 1/4 Dogo 1/4 Kangal.  In tact, about three years old.   She’s is a very soft dog, handler sensitive, great with children, great with stock, chickens, etc.  Surprisingly low dog aggression given the breeds in play.  

A. Silva below


A. Silva dancing with her brother Silvio Burlesconi



B. Honey :   A Kangal/Boerboel cross, in tact, about 4 years old.  Honey is aptly named, just a very sweet dog, couldn’t be better with goats and chickens and such.  Famously let about twenty hatchlings to take up residence in her nest full of young pups…. an unheard of thing in a new mother.   She’s a great dog, and I would like the possibility to breed to her one more time…. so I’d prefer a home that would consider that option.



 ” Pyrite MIca:”  Year old male


My  keeper from Oz x Yessum breeding:  Born 9/23/13  

 in fine health with zero issues, well over 30” at the shoulder 


 I kept these two females from the litter below, I should part with at least one, maybe both if I can find a breeding home for one.


Lefty ( kangal/Dogo )  x Honey (Kangal/Boerboel)  




Born 1/10/14

pups: 50% Kangal 25% Dogo 25% Boerboel

8 females, 4 males

Pups going to new homes mid march

Accepting deposits now.



pick male  on 3/3/14 sold


Pick female below  on  3/3/14

I need to part with her or her fawn sister


You can see more photos of this litter by clicking their album

or short videos by clicking the links below.

Pups at about 4wks on 2/12/14   :52 

Pups and older siblings on 2/13/14     2:17

Pups and older siblings on 2/26/14      4:37

Pups and older siblings  on 2/27/14      3:00

Pups and older siblings  on 3/8/14    3:30

Runner  up keeper, female, 3/29/14  :43

 This is a line breeding on my favorite dog Oz.   Those of you who follow us regularly know we just did this pairing…….. and as pleased as I was with the results we most likely would have done it again, eventually….but not so soon.   Both dogs, Lefty and Honey, were together on a friends yard, and they underestimated the things dogs will do to breed.   

 The good news is you can meet examples of this mix on my yard, the bad news is they are only 6 months older then these guys.  I’d prefer to wait till they were a year or more before deciding if it’s something we wanted to repeat….. but c’est la vie, that’s not the way it went.

  I will say this though, I’ve not had a young dog I can remember being  more excited about then the male I kept from the first breeding “Innuendo” aka Endo.   And I’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback from the first groups owners.  You could easily get the dog of a lifetime with this pairing.